Unlocking gear : broken ?

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Unlocking gear : broken ?

Whats the point of having challenges to unlock clothing, helmets etc, and then they simply dont unlock after completion?

Ive managed to unlock 1 helmet for shooting down an enemy chopper - the rest, which I tried to get, I completed, but hey ho still locked. For example, Devgru intimidator, cap 150 don flags, ive capped 500+, still locked. The one for 120 red dot kills, ive got about 1000, still locked, theres about 7-8 ive completed, all are still locked. There`s also no progress counter for these, so you`ve no idea how close you are to unlocking stuff.

Ive seen one guy weraringa ghillie suit, but has anyone else managed to unlock clothing etc ?


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Re: Unlocking gear : broken ?

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I asked this question a while back - if you look at the "Operations" you have to complete all of the challenges to unlock. It appears that the challenges are only available after certain periods of time (counter at bottom). We have like 7 days left until the next challenges become available. Why did they choose this method? Seems kinda strange.

Anyone else have an insight?

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