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Ok so im confused, theres 10 soliders, but usually you level up 11 times because of the first 1-max then prestiges, but this time around it seems that once you get 9th level 60 and max out do you hit 10th level 60th?

Im looking at the soldiers and I see no room for 1-60 10th because when you max out it takes the next icon right? Like when you hit P1 level 60 max, you now have level 60 P2 icon.

If my question is confusing ill try and word it better basically im wondering is there no 1-60 10th this time around, once you hit 10th thats it? your 60?

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I understand exactly what you're saying. I believe you are correct.

We used to go through the rankings 11 times to get to max. Like this:

1.   1-60

2.   1-60 1st prestige

3.   1-60 2nd prestige

4.   1-60 3rd prestige

5.   1-60 4th prestige

6.   1-60 5th prestige

7.   1-60 6th prestige

8.   1-60 7th prestige

9.   1-60 8th prestige

10.  1-60 9th prestige

11.  1-60 10th prestige

But now we we will earn the 10th prestige symbol after we have gone through the rankings 10 times and have no more ranking up to do.

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