A Guide/Series to COD: Ghosts Spawn System.

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*Spawn Guides*

A guide to the Spawn System in Domination.

Hey guys, my names Luke, been a while since I've posted on this forum! Last time I was here brought to you a guide on levelling quickly in Mw3, this time - It's a little different!

Welcome to the Spawn Guides.

For now, only Domination.

(This is NOT a guide to Spawn trapping - This is for solo "Rushing" Or common knowledge!)

What is "Spawn Guide's!?!"

Spawn Guide's is a guide or tool you can use to gain a better understanding of the Call of Duty: Ghosts spawn system(Which is quite similar to the MW3 one).

This Guide isn't just for "the pro player's" nor "the noobs" this guide can be for anybody, of any skill level! Whether you're dropping 10 KEM's a day, or none. You may find something useful somewhere in this guide!

Remember that map you just can't do well on? No worries! When that map get's done, maybe you will have a better understanding and be able to improve your game having a better knowledge of where the enemies will be spawning after you've slayed them down!

Guide's Goals

My Goals with this guide/series is to teach you and help you understand how the spawn system works in Call of Duty: Ghosts - It's not as random as you think it is!

I'll be going over a few keynotes in every video that I post

(One video per Map - Bonus content in "0.5" Mini-episodes if something couldn't manage to fit in).

What you can Expect Every Episode.


1. - An overview of the map including cinematic's and running commentary on current thought's of the map and how it can play.

2. - An overlook of every Spawn on the map with a short description of how the spawns on that map react to player influence & which flag they belong to and are more heavily weighted towards.

3. - From here we jump straight into a Cinematic of each Spawn, per Flag. Starting with either A/B/C covering them all, with Game-play clip's of how the spawns Play out while influencing certain area's of the enemies spawn.

4. - After I've showed you how the Spawns can be influenced by you, we roll over into some tip's as well as a K.E.M Strike with running commentary on how the spawns were working during the streak to give you a better understanding of how the map can play out.


When I release an Episode, they will be embedded below with a little "TLDR" of what you can expect to see!

Episode 1 - "How to do well on Stonehaven - COD: Ghosts Spawn Guide's Episode #1."

This, is Stonehaven. One of the most voted, and hated map's in Cod: Ghosts. This map is actually really fun, and can be one of the most fast paced map's in Ghosts.  Any Spawn can yield great results, whether it runs from Fast KEM's to High kill Game-plays. While C Hold's the most Spawn's, the other flags should NOT be underestimated!

Episode 2 - "How to do well on Siege - COD: Ghosts Spawn Guide's Episode #1"


Well, that's about it from me guy's! I will be updating the thread regularly and every time I post a new episode bunching the entire series into one thread. Thank's to all who made it this far! I hope this helps you somehow. If you think I've missed anything in this thread please don't hesitate to let me know and I will get to adding or fixing it!


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