A "cheater's" perspective...

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A "cheater's" perspective...

I know that many skilled CoD players are opposed to amplify, tracker sites, silencers, off the grid, etc… claiming that they are a crutch for us non-skilled players to gain an advantage.  You hate camping, and patrolling, and sound whoring.  You think they are just methods for unskilled players to get some easy kills. It is to those players that I address this post.  To you I say that you are absolutely right.  Further I believe that this is the case by well thought out design.

For those of you who are open minded enough to consider another perspective I would offer you this… I, like many who emulate my play style, am a largely unskilled player… a noob, a camper, a sound whore, or whatever denigrating term is currently in fashion.  We unskilled players don’t take exception to these terms, because we accept that we are unskilled in run and gun play.  I, myself, am not “technically” by strictest definition a “noob.”  Far from it.  I have been an avid gamer for many many years.  Too many years, in fact.  So many years that my reflexes are no longer terribly fast, my motor control no longer terribly fine, and my eyesight no longer keen.  However, aging though I may be, I still love video games with the same passion that I always have.  I believe that in my teens and early twenties I’d have held my own with the very best of run and gun players.  Of course in those days, it wasn’t call of duty.  It was Paradroid on the Commodore 64. 

If Call of Duty had been around in those days, running and gunning would probably have been my play style of choice.  To you skilled players who hate players like me… campers and sound whores and hate people who “cheat” by using tracker sites, or silencers, or whatever other game mechanics you feel to be a crutch.  I say to you that, yes, we use whatever crutch and whatever technique is available to us in order to make ourselves as competitive as can be.  You are more skilled than we are.  You are a much better player.  Congratulations to you… I mean that.  Enjoy your lightening fast reflexes and keen eyesight while you have them. I recently saw a player such as yourself in spectator mode after dying on search and rescue.  He ran to and fro on the map, quickly switching between a sniper rifle and akimbo pistols, shooting opponents before I, as a spectator, even saw them.  He jumped from a rooftop to a train car switching to pistols in mid-air and killed an opponent then switched to his sniper rifle, jumped off of the train car, spun around and quick scoped another player while spinning and while falling. He single handedly won the match for us. If players such as myself ran all around on the map quickly shooting at whatever moved, we would die and die and die again.  We would derive no enjoyment from the game and would be outclassed at every turn. We can’t outgun you.  What we can often though not always do is outsmart and outplay you.

You choose perks like quickdraw, ready up, stalker, and agililty, because those perks are conducive to your fast reflexes and therefore your run and gun play style.  Those perks do us no good.  They don’t give us enough of an advantage to outgun you.  I maintain that if I had those perks and you did not, you would still outgun me.

So in order to be competitive we give up those perks and choose things like amplify, incog, dead silence, and takedown.  Although our age, or simply a lack of coordination, has diminished our ability to react instantly and precisely to visual stimuli, it has given us other advantages, not the least of which is material resources.  We can afford great big HD television sets and very expensive top tier headphones.  In addition it has given us patience and the ability to think critically under pressure. So, while you use your reflexes and eyesight, we use our superior equipment and forbearance.  We anticipate the path you will take as you run around the map and shoot our teammates, so that as you bound by us, guns a blazing, we can shoot you with no resistance and no return fire.  Very often I will get a hit marker or two, due to my lack of coordination and my inability to keep a moving target in my reticle, and you will quickly spin around and kill me anyway.  That’s fine.  If camping were the end all be all of gameplay my KD would be sky high.  As it is, I can barely keep my weekly KD above 1. Still, it gives me enough of a competitive edge to make the game enjoyable.

Now before you get all offended, I am not saying that players like me are “smarter” than players like you.  What I am saying is that we are more patient, more willing to play as much with our heads as we are with our hands.  I’ve read numerous posts and heard numerous comments in game lobbies implying that camping, patrolling, and sound whoring makes the game boring and why would we even want to play if we are going to play that way.  What you must understand is that we *enjoy* playing that way.  It is *fun* to us.  I know that you can’t reconcile that notion with your love for fast action reflex style play, so you must simply take me at my word on that. There is a lot of gratification involved in seeing “1st place kill” pop up on your screen when you are in last place and know you just outplayed a younger, faster player.  What *is* boring and frustrating is to try to run around and mimic *your* play style and consistently die.

I know that your knee jerk reaction may be to say something along the lines of “Well!  You didn’t outplay me!  All you did was camp, CAMPER!”  And to that all I can say is yes, all I did was camped.  But in the end, if you are dead, and I am alive, and my score increased then I’m sorry, but to my mind I outplayed you.  Not outgunned.  Outplayed.  It’s the only way for players like us to come out on top.

I know that I have likely started some sort of flame war here, but my intention, truly, is to offer some perspective in a tactful un-insulting way.  Fire away…

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Re: A "cheater's" perspective...

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Very good post. Thanks for sharing.

I also am an "older" gamer, just turned 47. I have to wear glasses to play, have to take a break to rest my eyes and uncurl my fingers after a max of 3-4 games, use headphones, etc. My hayday was Quakell. (Btwm what happenned to the Quake avatar here?). I never managed oto become as proficient with a controller as I was with a mouse and kb.

Anyhow, I don't camp much, at least not by my definition, but I will try to control a small area of the map, and look and listen a lot.  Not with amplify though, I tried it and all it did was make me spin like a ballerina in paranoia.

Ghosts which I find more rewarding for the adaptive player who plays a style that is neither RnG nor true camping but somewhere in the vast middle has allowed me my best KD ever in a COD title. Its not much to write home about but my HC TDM is 1.4.  From my perspective Ghosts has the best balanced gameplay of the COD franchise allowing for a variety of gamestyles to have success.

All that to say, I get you and applaud you for saying it here, whatever the naysayers scream in derision.

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Re: A "cheater's" perspective...

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Well said!

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Re: A "cheater's" perspective...

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I am a player who believes all styles are welcome, only a noob would run and gun all the time and not change his or her style to match an opponent, the truth is that connection plays such a role in one vs one head on engagements that skill is a coin toss away some times.

Patrolling and using sound or anything else to your advantage isn't being unskilled, it takes more skill to utilize everything then to run around looking for things to shoot.

I used to run  around and look for things to shoot, now I mix it up and my enemies dont know what to expect from me. This gives me an advantage.

Activision always wants to promote movement because they dont want newer players to get steam rolled so hard they dont play. BO2 is a prime example, it was fast and had almost no usable sound, the game was really a huge coin toss allot of the time because of how fast it was and how dependant on connection it was.

Ghosts as time goes on keeps getting worse with its nerfs, I have found connection is getting worse for me as well. In MW3 they buffed all the week weapons, that was the best move IW had ever made, I wish they would apply that thinking to this game.

Any perk or weapon that can result in quick kills, or heightened awareness gets nerfed, They need you to die so everyone gets some kills so they keep playing.

Some people even believe "lag comp" cripples people to try and give people with bad internet a chance, I dont subscribe to that view but it has been a view in the community.

Its a way of giving players a chance to get into the game, however it makes the game more about randomness and less about skill, I do enjoy playing ghosts, but I do miss allot of the older methods of doing things, I still believe Ghosts is a huge step up from vanilla ops 2 and its watered down weapons and perks.

I do believe in adapt or be destroyed, and I always do adapt.

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Re: A "cheater's" perspective...

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Wow, a great explanation! 

I happen to be one of the "younger, faster" type players, and as you can guess, I don't like camping.  Notice that I said "I don't like camping", not "I don't like campers".  The younger players tend to enjoy the fast, frantic action where stuff is happening, and we can use our fast reflexes to mow down the unsuspecting players. 

Once you explained your point of view, I totally get why certain players take the game slower, more cautiously, and do only what they're sure they can do.  That play style is something that I try to work on.  When I'm losing an objective game-type, I try to play it smart, and do what needs to be done, not go for glory.  I think that patience, just what you said, can change the situation of a game.

I was very happy to have read this thread, and see that there are other reasonable people out there.

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Re: A "cheater's" perspective...

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Are you a reporter for a magazine, man? Do you have a blog at least? Your writing has a nice sound to it.

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Re: A "cheater's" perspective...

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A Good well thought out post . I almost didn't read it due to the title ,thinking it would be a squeaker saying how they needed an aim bot or something to those effects. Glad I got past it and took the time to read it .

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Re: A "cheater's" perspective...

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What a truely refreshing post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Re: A "cheater's" perspective...

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Nicely written post.

Personally my judegment of a good player is always how they adapt to what the opposition are doing.  Those twitch R&G who constantly run back into the firing line to try and kill a well entrenched camper are, in my mind, not good players, even though they'll often get on the mic and tell the camper they should 'learn to play'.

I can't out twitch a lot of players, so I've developed a flanky play style, trying to either shoot people in the back or get ahead of an advancing enemy and let them run into my gun.  If this isn't working, I might go pure campy, or I might change to my anti camper loadout if I'm against a team who aren't moving.  Sometimes, I'll go rushing, but very rarely as this is usually a death sentance for me!

I've now got my total KD up to about 2.3 and 2.6 in TDM where I spend most of my time, despite barely ever playing the way the 'elite' deem acceptable.

For me the good players find a way to combat whatever if put in front of them and find a way to contribute to the team, whatever their natural skillset.

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Re: A "cheater's" perspective...

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Well put. C64, got to put you in your 40's?

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