Amplify needs buff

Ghosts XBOX 360

With all the random sounds in this game, music, and the amount of players running dead silence..amplify needs to be buffed. It should make things louder than it does right now and have more range. Thanks.

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Nice troll.

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How is it a troll when everything he said is true?

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I'm not agreeing that calling someone a troll for there opinions is ok but I have several things to add:

I don't even use Amplify all that much, no headset, and I can EASILY hear foot steps of soldiers that are near by through my tv speakers (no sound system) without blasting the volume. Not joking or trolling here. Even with explosions and gun fire, if you know what the sound for footsteps are and you use your mini map to eliminate friendly's, you can EASILY know that an enemy is near by. Anybody else?

Music? I don't have music during my MP games on xone....weird.

Just my two cents.

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I detect a troll.

Being serious, Amplify needs to be nerfed in regards to the increased sound of footsteps, the range of detection, and the ability to detect dead silence users.  While the devs are at it, reduce the sound of normal footsteps as well.

Think about it--if you have an entire team running Amplify, all they have to do is sit in various corners and they're set for life.  If the enemy has to adapt, they cannot rely on dead silence.  Instead, they have to crouch walk, which slows the game down dramatically and makes everything boring.


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I don't know why I bother posting on these troll posts but here goes.  Amplify is fine just the way that it is.  There is a reason that I only run it and/or DS situationally.  9/10 times I don't need either of them to do quite well.  Neither are god perks and that's just how it should be.

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yeah its not even worth taking brain power to debate,

here is my response to you


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The last couple nights it has felt like Amplify was already nerfed to make enemy footsteps not stand out against teammate footsteps so much.  Over and over again, I'd hear footsteps and turn down a hallway, convinced I was about to face an enemy, only to find a teammate.  Not sure what actually changed, but it has been much less effective for me this week than prior.

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I actually think that's the way it should be.  Evens it out a bit.

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I'd say the Christmas Noobs have cottoned on to Amplify and started running dead silence. DS users sound like teammates when you run Amplify in my experience.

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