Amplify perk is unfair for people who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired

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I used to use the charges to find players, it worked really well.

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What happened to just having ninjapro in Mw2 with nothing that increases footsteps sounds. It isnt needed. I dont like running DS, but it becomes necessary when everyone is running amplified because it is basically like a mini uav.

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Sit Rep Pro amplified footsteps in MW2, it just wasn't as much if an issue then.

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The best fix ever.. just remove both perks.. no one has advantage or disadvantage at that point by means of sound.

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I believe having sound at all is OP in your case, sorry it is the case.

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Hey lucariodrybones, this is a really good post.

Like many other replies have mentioned, the audio cues on this game are, well pretty much essential. If i myself was partially deaf, i wouldnt even bother with playing the game. im not saying thats what you should do, heck no, i admire you trying to raise awareness for this issue.

However, theres no way that the game could take into account allll the possible disadvantages that players may have. like SPETSNAZ_MOCKBA mentioned, there may be a player with no thumbs and then he claims its a disadvantage! although your situation is MUCH more realistic, it stays true. (is it just me, or is this situation much like our government?!)

Ill get straight to the point, your idea for a deaf setting i think is awesome. except EVERYONE would enable it, so i think there should also be a drawback to enabling the setting, such as when you have amplify on, there will appear a little white arrow indicating where that enemy was, as you mentioned, IN STEAD of the sound of the enemy footsteps. having both would be a bad idea.

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A mi me pasa lo mismo. Soy sordo. :/

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