An Idea for a Gametype Possibly

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An Idea for a Gametype Possibly

So me and my friends were talking about possible gametypes they would like to see in Call of Duty and I talked about a gamemode called "HotPotato." It would be a free for all gametype but someone is randomly chosen to start off with a bomb with a 3:00 timer. The bomb carrier has a little extra health and runs faster. You throw the bomb at other people and then they do the same thing. The more kills you get the more points you get but if you if the bomb explodes while you're carrying it you loose all your points, therefore the looser. You can use a pistol while carrying the bomb and can knife people. My friends added on that if the bomb carrier throws the bomb at some one, they get that persons points and the new bomb carrier looses their points. It was kind of just a random thouhgt and I just thought that it could be kind of fun to play, especially with friends.

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Re: An Idea for a Gametype Possibly

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I honestly would not play this but it is great you guys are thinking of ideas.

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Re: An Idea for a Gametype Possibly

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I agree with that, Im not a big Free for All fan. But ideas are always cool.

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