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when im not playing GB, im playing SnD. and every single game you will run into the riot shield

+radar+ c4. and its really sad that players have to make multilple classes just to counter one class... i know i cant be the only one that agrees. people complain about Q/Sing buts so easy to beat with decent gun control. people can say the same for countering riot shields but not when they just camp in a corner like a statue with radar nd c4 at the ready.... this is one problem in ghost that NEEDS to be fixed

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They really need to change something with the RS.  Make it so that you cannot use a Lethal if you put an attachment on the RS.  Easy fix.

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that and reflex needs to be slowed. and radar thats just o/p. idk whos idea it was but they need to be shot.

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You want arbitrary restrictions? Fine.

If you use an AR you can no longer use quickdraw, stalker, ready up or focus.

If you use an LMG, you cannot use stalker, focus, or agility.

If you use an SMG, you cannot use marathon, ready up or agility.

Any suppressed weapon cannot be used with any stealth perks.

If you equip deadeye, you can only equip explosive weapons.

If you equip danger close, you cannot use lethals or launcher secondaries.

If you run specialist, deadeye must be your first perk, and danger close must be your second.

Foregrips and/or rapid fire and/or suppressors cannot be on the same weapon.

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Im with you on the original post, hate some people with riot shield Lol

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Here's a couple of solutions.  One or more can be administered:

1. Equipment usage with the reflex perk while the shield is in front will be slower.  When the equipment is thrown, it takes longer for the shield to lower and rise.  This gives more time for the combatant to kill a shield user due to the extended opening.  This also effects switching from a shield to the secondary weapon.

2. Equipment usage is restricted while the shield is in front.

3. C4 cannot be detonated in mid-air (regardless if it's being thrown by a shield user or not).  The charge has to stick to a surface in order to become activated.

4. The shield radar can either be reduced in scan radius, or the number of scans per minute is reduced.

Of course, people will be angry if these ideas were part of the future patches.  Why?  Because it's a deadly combo that they feel is justified based on how effective it is and how it improves their game.

I've had people yell at me when I said that Stopping Power should be removed back in 2007.  People told me that bouncing betties weren't OP in 2008.  I had kids telling me to adapt when I was noobtubed via danger close and one man army in 2009.  In almost every game from MW2 to Ghosts, I get heckled for saying that quickscoping should be gimped like it was in Black Ops 1.  Yet for some odd reason, smaller things like the target finder (BO2) and second chance (BO1), two of the most easily avoidable obstacles in Call of Duty, are considered worse than what I described above.

...You gotta love the Call of Duty community, especially how they blame lag on the devs, but never on their own internet connections.


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