Anything to report on the crashing operations issue?

Ghosts XBOX 360


I am seeing a bunch of posts on here about the Operations issue, with no reply. Can Activision throw us a BONE here? The issue is obviously profile related. Is it possible to delete game file and start from scratch to "fix" this?

This issue pretty well ruins multi-player, if you are a competitive gamer.

You are hearing a lot from people who spent $60 (I spent $120 for me and my GF) on your product and you are basically ignoring them. . That's not good business.

We need to know if you have made any progress. I have been down for a week. Should I just take this game back and see what I get get in trade in?

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might as well the only information anyone posting about this is the support thread is that "we know its a issue and will update you when we have more information" but its been over a week sense those answers so i would say we have been kicked to the curb if you cant give some kind of update in a week but can bring S&D to core

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