Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

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I was told by a forum moderator to leave it be...I really could care less if I get in trouble or banned on a forum. I came here to discuss...since it is a forum wanna think it so that a tactical kills you...and the gryphon takes 4-5 be it. By all agree with that because you don't use the gryphon. Makes sense....obviously I am talking about HC since I have stated that many times in all of my posts. For you to tell me I have been wrong about everything I have why I have been responding. Since you have just agreed that Thermobaric's kill, my point has been made...since you agreed you don't use the gryphon you wouldn't point has been made. I can assure you I'm not the only person who thinks thermobaric's need to be looked into as does the gryphon takes 4-5 HARDCORE. I'm done with makes no difference regardless..just can't stand forum kids that can't accept the game has flaws. It's perfect in your eyes I know...I totally are the cool forum dude..

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Obviously you didnt even bother understanding what i was posting but that is ok. The whole point of this thread got thrown severely off topic. Doesnt really help the fact that the thread is just another repeat of what people do every year anyway.

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The solution is quite simple. No need to ban tubers just give the option to play game modes that don't allow tubers.The tubers can have lobbies all to themselves and non-tubers the same.

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Explosive are fine.

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Why ban them? I've never used an under barrel grenade launcher but the one you get as a secondary (katset?) is EXTREMELY weak in Core. Even if you land it right at somebody's feet it rarely is a OHK. If anything they need a buff. You should not have to use Danger Close to get a kill with one when you hit somebody point blank.

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Not to mention we need something with a bit of grunt to take out those pesky Riot Shield/C4 douchebags. They deffo have a tougher time of it when they have DC'd noob tubes and Panzerfaust rockets raining down on them

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LOL You are a noob. I can tell off bat. I have not been killed ONCE by a noob tube or a launcher. NOT ONCE.

If these things were OP and needed to be banned then I would have at least been killed by them a few hundred times.

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Explosives need a buff if anything here is how they should be they should be able to get a kill when accuracy is applied but Blast Shield counters them by 65% however if Danger Close is applied they counter each other out making it where the player has to accurate to kill a Blast Shield user. This would make both Blast Shield and Danger Close useful making the explosives more useful as well. I have seen a player pick Blast Shield over Amplify because the fact explosives are useless and because Blast Shield is useless as well. If they did something of this magnitude it would make the game balanced for players who use and counter explosives.

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Every game is full of tubing and camping,as for the shield,dont get me started on them things, it seems even when lowered the person wielding  it still seems to have this invisible barrier in front of them,and dogs, show me info on how dogs can survive almost a full clip to put them down, and yes i still play this poxy game as i wont let it beat me,

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I would love to play the weird game you are playing.

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