Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

Ghosts XBOX 360

Well if you are not getting this most of your game play, well lucky you, as for weird, the whole game is just that,

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I don't know about you guys, but I hardly get killed by launchers and noob tubes in this game. Maybe I'm getting lucky with the lobbies I play against, but I seriously have nothing to complain about when it comes to those types of weapons.

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I dont think people are getting it, again i will say yes maybe it is a bit drastic to bann etc..

As for the franchise i have played all and to this date i do deem this one of the best made since MW MW2 era, but this tubing BS needs to stop. People claiming there easily avoidable NO there not if they were i wouldnt have an issue, infact it wouldnt have even been brought up. And to be fair with all the tubing issue's past and present this is the first post i have made, because im sick of the JOKE that this game has become.

Dedicated servers were supposed to be, where are they... The lag is crazy and accounts for most of my deaths (possibly lag switchers) at times not 100%.

And again did you buy this game to get into a SHOOT EM UP or a TUBE EM UP ?

If it was all you had left fine thats ok, but we all know when the game has just started they clearly havent depleted ammo.

And i would say that this was for 95% of games i go into, so its not about using whats in your arsenal. They know it does damage and they are abusing it in which case my point still stands.

Those of you who do this ARE abusing the game, i go into game on the grounds im looking for a good shoot out who will be the better man.
Not oh shit tube goodbye, ohh and theres another one.. there is absolutely no fun in that at all.

BTW FYI im 32 going on 33 so before you look at this as a childish rant with persistence its not, i have a valid point or two in here somewhere which most are choosing to ignore.
And its becuase they are most likely the ones abusing this tool, or else why would you do it ?

Simple answer is if it didnt pay to, you wouldnt you would look for another exploit.

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Blast Shield basically entirely nullifies tubes, and whilst they are reloading and crapping themselves because you aren't dead, very angry and they are taking EONS to reload, you can coolly gun them down and then teabag the living daylights out of em.

They are running Danger Close? Dr Biels prescribes camping with a thermal sight LMG, IEDs and Trophy systems. And Blast Shield as it might just still save your skin. Watch them rage quit when they get blooped the very second they break cover, or find their tubes just get zapped out of the air. I do like my games mobile and hectic, but I'm not above slowing down and playing in the most irritating way possible to get someone to go away.

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While i appreciate your posotive feedback, i do just want to point out that this maywell work in core mode pretty good, i do only play HARDCORE.

In which case from the way i see it (In Game) it does not work aswell at all, it would either mean that people are extremely lucky with noob shots ALL the time or there accuracy is crazy good. While i havent personally run certain setups mentioned i know people who have and it has also been said here by people who do run it, it does not save you when a shot is bang on in hardcore mode, i may come away if not in direct line of blast severely damaged but 9/10 im a dead man instantly. There doesnt seem to be a way to get away from it.

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Really guy?  No way are tubes an issue.  I carry one as a secondary and it rocks especially when a guy picks you off twice from under his tent...Tube away.  "losing A"  click click boom. Tubes were an issue a few years back with OMA and unlimited tubes, but I don't think they are today.  Gotta tell you I read your posts and you sound like a whiner. You invested $60.. if you don't like your investment sell it for $30, accept a $30 loss and move on.  Why moan and cry about everything?  Ghosts is a great game, love the maps. Love that hard scope sniping is fun again...And before you complain...I've worn the uniform of this country, carried a vest of 40MM, and fired a M203---yeah tubes are a part of Modern Warfare..get the pun...I'm also over 40 so the young kid argument doesn't fly here either...

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they are not idiots for using launchers but iw is making a "league play" so you can go play that

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Still don't see what the big deal is about using the pro pipe. If you want to camp with a sniper or run around with an SMG then that's fine too. It's just another play style and it will always be in the game. Can't believe in this game people are actually complaining about explosives when Ghosts has made them so weak and given you so many counters to it compared to other titles in the series.

Bottom line, if you don't like explosives then you should play a different game, maybe something that has you shooting marshmellows and rainbows. Or at the very least use the perks and equipment provided in the game to counter them.

COD4 is king! Ghosts is the harbinger of death for COD

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Explosives are not weak i have lost count of how many times i have been killed by IED's, and even though it does annoy the crap out of me. It really is part of the game and if you are caught out by them that is on you, so i CANT grumble.

And the same go's for other explosives thrown (as you may be aware) there is no other post by me about such things just the tubes.

And had tubes been used in what i deem a tactical use, (IE) room clearance, for if i was camping it wouldnt be a problem.

Infact i wouldnt have an issue at i would infact say fair play, i of course would be slightly annoyed and gutted i had got taken out but its legit and fair.

You have to clear out some how but again this type of use is RARELY implemented, and thats the problem its cheap kills.
Missuse of tools if you will, i do think the same about quickscoping i really dont care how much skill it requires its not what would be done in the field, so why do it here ?

Yes it is a game and i agree its meant to be fun, but here i was thinking the fun was in playing the game as designed to see who the better man/men were who had the better moves to out wit etc.

When mainly all i am seeing are IMO and not 100% sure but cheaters and imo low lifes abusing certain tools to get cheap kills.

Again i am talking in HARDCORE MODE i dont play any other....

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Yeah I've had the annoyance of running into DC tubers on HC Dom. Thankfully we found that Trophy systems are a good solid counter to that. I'll deffo have a trophy system class in reserve now.

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