Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ

Ghosts XBOX 360

100% guilty of tubing people. It's an "easy" operation, though you have to get 75 kills to complete it. I think I'm around 60 kills with it so far. BUT I'm pretty sure there are two more operations with it. the only down side to tubes is that you have either get a direct impact or plant the nade within 1 foot of the upper torso.

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Nothing like having a forum like a classic "ban all tubes" thread.

They will not get rid of them so dont waste your breath. Whiners like you have been saying that since the MW2 days but look at what happened.....NOTHING. All they did was remove OMA and that was it.

You have absolutely NO legitimate reason for wanting them removed. All you are upset about is a slight influx of tubers and and you dying more often.

It wont happen. End of story.

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Did they remove Trophy Systems in HCDOM?

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Are you kidding me? I feel bad for you man you don't know what Blast Shield or Trophy System is and you refuse to move. There is no hope for you I think you would be better off going back to MW3 where noob tubes are useless again. Danger Close is 4 points and you can't replenish more explosives in one life anymore so what's your excuse? Oh right they actually kill you now when the person is accurate so now they are cheap? They have slower kill times then assault rifles and snipers and shotguns and you want them nerfed? Technically your statement about them having infinite explosives is not even true because you can't replenish them and actually everyone has infinite ammo in this game if they aren't playing a game mode where you only have one life cause once you die you get it all back again. The explosives in this game are actually harder to use then any other gun in this game they three counters Trophy System, Blast Shield and moving around also you can't replenish them and you still have a chance at getting hit markers with Danger Close on and they don't even need Blast Shield.

What game are you playing? I would love to be able to kill a group of enemies with just one grenade. Stop complaining about something with 3 counters it's making you look foolish.

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I dunno, DarkOne ... you still have to be pretty darn accurate with them to score the kill. The explosion from a tube looks great ... but actual damage is wanting.

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Why are people who choose to use explosives idiots?  Last I checked it was a weapon in the game and anyone is free to use them.  It's a legitimate playstyle just like anything else.  They have an extremely slow ADS and reload time.  So there is a risk/reward dynamic going on.  Tubes and rockets are great for flushing out the campers as well.  Because of this thread I'm going to go home and put together and use an explosives class.

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I haven't used a noob tube once in this game. Personally I could care less if someone chooses to tube, camp, rush or whatever. I'll play my way and everyone else can play theirs. Figuring the other team out is half the fun.

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spoken like a true player!!!

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I am not a great CoD player, in fact, I am not very good at all - but I play for one reason - to have fun! It really makes me laugh when people think that this and that needs to be nerfed / buffed - if it doesn't work then I have some advice - don't use it! If it's OP and you want to complain because it causes you to keep dying here's some more advise - use it! Just my two cents on the matter......and trust me - I have died in HC Dom by more "noob tubes" than I care to admit - but it's a game - NOT real life!

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They aren't going to ban something that is easily avoidable.

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