Best way to Utilize Specialist

Ghosts XBOX 360

Hey guys, recently I've been running 2 initial specialist perk instead of the 3 before the bonus. I have found if you have hardline on initially you get your two perks then full specialist bonus at 7-8 kills. Which means you get your specialist bonus perks much faster than if you added a 3rd perk to obtain before the bonus. So at the cost of one perk you get 3-5 perks the same time and faster. I don't know if this is a tip lol but I've found it to be quite useful in game thus far.

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That's awesome! Especially for those of us trying to obtain the Uniform. Beside that however, I've enjoyed the Specialist since MW3, and can't wait to utilize it more in this title.

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The best way that I have found is to use hardline as a standard like you said but use perks with a value 1 for the 3 perks you earn before the specialist bonus. If done this way you still get your bonus at 7 or 8. Don't use the good perks with higher values on your way to bonus because it can take as much as 12-13 before you reach bonus. Save the higher valued perks for your bonus perks.

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