Bh or IW please inform!!!!

Ghosts XBOX 360

Bh or IW please inform!!!!

How is it that I get my kids (ages 7 to 13) 2 finally play ghosts  (who have never played a COD game in their life) get matched up 2 people who are 3+ prestige when they are level 1???? These + players know the maps and know when to camp. What ever happened to 2 being matched up with people on that skill level???! Does not being fair mean anything to U guys anymore?????? .

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Re: Bh or IW please inform!!!!

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The game is rated 16 for a reason. If your kids are not mature enough to get their asses handed to them as they learn the ropes just like the rest of us they should probably be of playing skylanders.

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Re: Bh or IW please inform!!!!

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I won't comment on the age / parental guidance topic but the match making is not based on skill levels probably for 2 reasons:

1) this game is developed for multiple platforms. Some of them have far less players than the Xbox360 version. Deviding them into skill levels will fragment the whole player base. Especially when the DLC comes out. There wouldn't be enough players for all game modes to fill.

2) A good chunk of players care a bit too much about their statistics. Many people leave lobbies where they have to struggle because they like it easy.

I'm not only talking about low-levels. Sadly this includes veterans. Especially people with high kill ratio per life (k/d ratio)

I'm pretty sure CoD would lose A LOT of players if those people would be forced to play against opponents with the same skill level.


Maybe your kids should try out the private match / Squad mode functions. There a some ways to set up games with the exact difficulty they want.

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Re: Bh or IW please inform!!!!

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I believe you should read your post and think about your parenting skills...

Anyone who has been trying to get their kids ages 7 to 13 "2 finally play ghosts"..needs to be slapped upside the head since this game is rated for much older children. And most of the peeps Ive run into are much older than 7-13 year olds!!!!

What exactly are you trying to succeed in getting your 'Kids" to play this type of game...are you hoping they could become the next elite military soldiers from playing a video game?

Have them play some sports games...get them outside, chop wood, run through the basketball,football, well in school.

Video games should be the last thing you want to get your kids that age to do!!??

Good luck developing your couch potatoes

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Re: Bh or IW please inform!!!!

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First off, I have a 6 year old son. I picked up cod a couple years ago when I was out of work from being injured on the job. He would sit and just watch me play from time to time and eventually, as all kids, he wanted to try it out. I decided that if he behaved at school all week he would be allowed to play 3 or 4 games on the weekend as a reward. The difference is that I would never allow him to play online. I set up local or private matches against bots and he has a lot of fun that way. I have seen no change in his demeanor and if I ever do, that would be it for a while. If your kids are persistent about playing, maybe you can set up private matches for them against bots on a recruit level, that way they can develop the basic skills needed in a less frustrating way. They can even play split-screen against each other before going online and being introduced to the horrible (Mostly, not all) cod community.

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Re: Bh or IW please inform!!!!

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Its better than having them in the living room sneaking a few games of TDM when you arent looking , Right ?

Hiding in the garage playing GTA5, or Siants Row when your not home

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Re: Bh or IW please inform!!!!

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Skill based matchmaking doesn't work. Its all about connection and getting into good lobbies that have a great connection. Besides people would just de-rank themselves to steam roll other lower level players.

Seven is a bit young to get into this game, I have a 12 year old, she's not interested in games like this anyway. I think the only time she was interested in it was when I set it up in 3D for fun.

She's a really mature 12 year old, but even at that I draw the line with extreme violence and sexual content in today's media. I try and monitor her internet activity as well, so I can see what she's up to.

Online play is really a 15 and up deal in my mind, and that's even pushing it. But I'm not going to tell you how to raise you're kids you know them better then me.

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Re: Bh or IW please inform!!!!

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In some games skill based matchmaking doesnt work, hence why this game doesnt have it.

As for your children playing the game you honestly can raise them how you want. My daughter watched movies like Terminator when she was 5 she knew the difference between a movie and real life. She grew up fine, she even understood the difference between fantasy and reality. The people that knock your parenting skill even though they might be good parents dont understand that it is you XBL given rgiht for you to make your own choices on what they play or watch. ESRB ratings are not a law they are just a guide. So forgive what the people think when they say this game is rated M for mature because the online portion of this game has no rating.

As long as they are under constant supervision and telling you when some pervert is bothering them you are doing fine. Kids need to grow up sooner nowadays not get stuck under your wing until you turn 40

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Re: Bh or IW please inform!!!!

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I marked this thread with 1 star for a couple of reasons.

First, the skilled based part of match-making, IMO, actually works much better than it has in previous titles. The down side to this is that there are some players who were probably playing against much more skilled players in previous titles are now playing against the "right" set of players. The thing is, these players may not be "elite," but they probably are a little better than what they are being paired up with now. This will "fix" itself with time.

Second, "skilled based match making" I think does not work exactly like most people expect it to work. The primary focus of skill based match making is supposed to create "balanced" teams, not pit 1.0 kdr players against 1.0 kdr players. The idea is that you won't have six 3.0 players going up against six 0.60 players. Unfortunately, some 3.0 kdr players are still over-rated and some 0.60 players are still underrated. There's no way to "fix" that. But you also have to remember that everyone can have a bad match or even a bad night. So even when you do get balanced teams, there's no assurance everyone is going to perform up to their kdr.

From what I have seen, getting into lobbies where solo players are going up against parties is far more rare than it has been in the last three iterations of Call of Duty. This is good. The down side is that players that have been suffering as solo players against parties may now be shining quite brightly going up against other randoms.

A fourth thing, and really probably the firs thing, you need to understand is that the priority of lobby creation is connectivity. Regardless of whether or not 12 players are out there that have similar kdr's, the game is going to focus upon getting 12 players with similar connection quality. This can result in teams that are not balanced.

A fifth factor that plagues many "good" solo players is that they may be statistically better than two guys with similar kdr's. The result is that they get put onto a team with the worst players in the lobby while the two other "elite" players get the other four decent players.

Also, kdr is not the only statistic looked at when balancing teams. In fact, there are, that I know of, more than ten different statistics that are measured when balancing teams.

Finally, prestige is an indicator of nothing except the amount of time played. Sure, some players with "more skill" will rank up faster, but it is still a function of time moreso than skill.

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