Buff / Nerf List (Suggestion)

Ghosts XBOX 360


Hello, my name is Hankey. I've been playing Call of Duty since Call of Duty 2. I play both competitively and for fun. This list is just a suggestion, no need to hate or rant. I feel Infinity Ward did an amazing job with Call of Duty: Ghosts. I haven't played such a good Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2, which was also Infinity Ward. Don't forgot Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Alright, let's get started.


Dead Silence: Footsteps are way to easy to hear. They need to be like MW3; perfect.


MSBS: Don't even need to describe why, everyone knows why.

Bomb Planting Noise (S&D & S&R): The bomb planting noise makes it really easy for corner campers to hear you planting. I feel like MW3s noise was perfect.


Countdown Timer (S&D & S&R): 15 seconds initial countdown is fine, but 15 seconds every round is a hassle. Please lower it to 5 seconds like MW3.

Music: Add an option to disable music or adjust the volume level of it.

Capture The Flag: This game mode has been in Call of Duty for years. It sucks that it's gone cause it makes competitive gaming less interesting to watch without it. It's also a fun game mode to play in public matches of course, but this game mode is more needed for competitive gaming. Blitz is a less skilled based version of this, please bring back Capture The Flag!

Domination: Make Domination have 2 round option in private match. Domination matches will consist of two rounds, one round played from each spawn. Scores will be added together to determine the winner.

Again, these are just suggestions. I'm not complaining, ranting or hating on the game. I feel that Infinity Ward did such a great job on Call of Duty: Ghosts, but small things like this should be fixed. I'm always excited for Infinity Ward games! Thanks for reading and I hope they fix these small things. '


Added "Music" under the "Other" category.

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Buff: SMGs, Shotguns

Nerf: ARs, Quickscoping

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Buff the tacticals: Smoke is good but too many thermal scopes.

A fully cooked 9 bang should take out equipment better

Buff the sentry gun, way too easy to destroy and doesn't last long enough.

Buff Dead Silence

Nerf: Hmmmm, all the guns pretty much perform as they should, even the MSBS, which is no better than a M8 or Type 95

Just fix the spawns, patch incoming and we are good to go

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wadeywilson wrote:

Buff the tacticals: Smoke is good but too many thermal scopes.

Use Incog.  Problem solved.

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Music is really annoying but has been brought up in other threads but until its fixed might as well beat a dead horse.

I dont think any weapons should get buffed or nerfed until lag comp is balanced out. Quick kills and deaths are mostly due to an unbalance of the lag comp and when they get a tweak out there that improves everyones connections and we can accurately judge weapons.

I do however think they should lower the point value on Incog as most snipers and assault rifle users and marksmen weapons are using the thermal scope exclusively since Incog is just too many points to fit into a build so these guys are having a field day from corners and windows picking people off and this is promoting alot of camping especially in the storm front map and whiteout among alot of others.

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Buff: your skill

Nerf: the complaints

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