COD: Ghosts 3rd person Gameplay

Ghosts XBOX 360

I've been thinking, and I'm more than intrigued by the thought of Infinity Ward bringing back 3rd person Team Tactical from MW2, and putting it in Ghosts. Would anyone else be excited and content with it?

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Doubt it

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There is a thread on this out there... and I would ask you this-

Should they bring this back over bringing in more HC Modes, or classic favorites like CTF and Demolition that were left out?

I don't think so. Not against this idea, but I think there are more popular playlists that should be considered.

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There's no doubt in my mind that any of those game modes won't be added. We just need to give it a few months, I meant, they added S&D so they'll most likely add more HC game modes and a few other core modes like CTF and Demolition. I'm just hoping they do it soon, because it'd be a lot more entertaining for the players to have more game modes to experience.

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