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Oh no, not another camping post. No. not really.

I just want to stay a big thank you to the campeing community in HC TDM, since moving from S&R to HC TDM to mix things up a little I have seen my K/D ration rocket up and have really appreciated you sitting stationary in corners, trees and the like for me collect a cheap and easy kill.

Whilst I cannot see the enjoyment of sitting there all game waiting for me to hunt you down, thanks to you I have been getting 20+ kills a game with an average of 2 deaths, sure it's not championship scoring but it's put me top of the scoreboard every game and that really puts a smile on my face - it's the little things.

My little squad of chaps are flying through the ranks thanks to you and I've almost got enough squad points to finally build that dream house.

What can I say, Campers... you complete me. x


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Bads players are bad players.  But I must confess, there is something extra satisfing about smashing a bad camper as opposed to a bad runner....

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It's amazing, they're like.. just sitting there!!

I dunno, maybe they think they're invisible or something?

I enjoy S&R but I'll admit I've been having mixed results, there are some damn good players out there. I'll eventually move back to it as camper slaying is incredibly cheap and easier than playing bots but I just had to say something, thanks to these sitting ducks I've unlocked so much stuff and managed to enjoy some of the higher kill streaks that are all but unobtainable thanks to the nature of S&R/D..even got two Loki's out yesterday!

Having a blast!

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You're welcome.

I like camping that room on Warhawk. Onetime i went 23-0 in there.

My buddy and I like to Ultra Extreme Camp rooms like that all the time. Its hilarious when you get the final killcam hard aimed on the same door you've been aiming at all game. We laugh our a**'s off when this happens.

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Suit yourself, but man that seems boring.

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I don't mix corner camping in with real static strategic camping.

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Somebody give this guy a medal

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It's quite ironic that most campers try to get streaks, but don't know what they're doing.

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Some hunt deer. Some hunt Ducks.

Me? I hunt campers

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My favorite part of hunting campers? Listening to them rage after I kill them as though they are "invincible" and not meant to die. If you camp - you will die.....repeatedly......get used to it. Sure - campers got me pretty good when I first started playing...but now that I know MOST of the "camping" spots - I can be proactive and typically take them out before they even know I am anywhere close. My favorite is sneaking in behind them and knifing them square in the back - MAN DO THEY RAGE!! hehehe

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