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Its sad that you havent found a way to stand out yet- Seriously, go listen to Survival by Eminem, the song WAS made for ghosts after all... lol but its words ring true across all planes.

Just to TRY and help you understand. You see "Aiming sights up dark corner"

But to me Its more like:

The cold air of the freight yard nipped at my exposed face. "ok... lets move up keep sectors covered" Then 6 snow-drifts rose up from the ground and began moving as one, guns on swivel, knowing one mistake could be the death of all. "Keep that 3 meter spread" Leader whispers, "Congestion leads to chaos."

Our unit moved, one by one into the dilapidated, rusty warhouse, because even for just a few seconds, any respite is welcomed.

"You think theyll find us first or vice versa" asked Vassili- the demolitionist guerrilla of the group-

"Not sure" muttered Nisshoku, "but there is only one way to find out...."

At that time crunching snow could be heard outside. "Eyes up front!" leader yells, as everyone takes a position around the warehouse. I ready my blade, atop the ladder nearest the door. "Here he comes!" Sayuri yells as she dashes out the back door as a distraction.

"It worked!" I thought, as the enemy charged after her, his sprint was cut short as I dropped from above and introduced my blade to his neck. "Tango down!" I whispered excitedly.

After acknowledging green light on all weapons' ammo stock, we pushed forward, into the frozen, desolate, unknown.

I can see this kinda stuff going on in my head when I play with my friends. With them, im stealthy as a MF. But without them, Im forced to move with my team, but use the same stealthy maneuvers Ive been taught.

You can say this is stupid or whatever, but then again, I think youre style is stupid, so it kinda evens out eh?

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Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

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One last thing, your quote "You might as well go play minecraft" interesting...

You like to play THIS game rather simplistically: run, point, click, wash, rinse, repeat.

Doing that time after time over and over again hmm... lets change gears a bit.

Minecraft in its simplest terms: Break Block, place block wash, rinse, repeat.

These "Simple terms" are how you define your gaming experience.

How I define mine? See above post.

Perception is everything my friend, and you, unless you really start being introspective, will acheive nothing more than a small child, who after hearing your warnings about not doing exactly what you did, will repeat this pathetic cycle.

Myself on the other hand, im quite happy with life, and everything within it for its differences and same-ness no matter what it is. So I hope youve learned something, if not, I shant return to your ignorant post, Good day and good luck!

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