Can we please get almost all the gamemodes in Hardcore!!

Ghosts XBOX 360

Its not as small as most would make it out. Generally when I log on there is usually about 50-60% of core. In a game that has millions of players that is a pretty big number.

Also, snd  is usually near the bottom as far as players per mode.

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I wouldnt go as high as 50-60%, last time i played BO2 there were roughly 200k people online and roughly 60k on HC. (PS3)

But dont forget, with the new systems coming out only a handful of players will be moving over to them on launch day, lets say for example 100k move over to next gen on launch, thats 50k for each console,

Now split that 50k roughly 75/25 for core/hardcore

Thats roughly 37.5/12.5k

Now split those 12.5k between as a guess 15 different modes

Thats roughly 830 players per mode (obviously some will have more and some will have less)

(Figures are just examples and only take into account numbers of people only playing ghosts)

In COD and matchmaking terms 830 players is a very small amount, it would take an age to even find a lobby with free space and then the chances of getting matched up with 11 other players within your region is very slim indeed.

For the future i can see it working with more (if not all) modes

But i wouldnt expect very high numbers on next gen at all until christmas time, and even then the numbers probably wont come close to current gen until christmas time 2014.

Believe me i would love more than anything to be able to hop into any hardcore gamemode i like at any time but with the current split between current and next gen consoles seperate playlists for every mode just wouldnt be viable right now, but like i said in the future it really shouldnt be an issue

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We need HC KC in there as well.

On BO2 there are ALWAYS more people playing HC KC than there are playing Core KC.

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biron_w wrote:

We need HC KC in there as well.

On BO2 there are ALWAYS more people playing HC KC than there are playing Core KC.

hckc appeared on the clans trailer so hopefully this means its already "in"

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I do hope there is a wealth of HC Modes, and that we get some love with the new game modes, even if in the form of a Mosh Pit. I don't want them to thin the match-making pool too much, but I think one of the big draws of CoD has always been choice.

IW has usually been pretty good about offering HC Modes... I am more concerned about them putting Ricochet in the game. Ricochet is not Hardcore.

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Ricochet is a deal breaker for me, won't even play the game if its included. Not expecting a lot when it comes to HC modes, 5 would be a surprise, any more than that would be a shocking welcome. I dont care about the playlist numbers argument, its dead to me. Treyarch completely shafted the HC community in BO2, lets see what IW does.

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Hardcore is meant to be more realistic, so really if you're silly enough to shoot your own teammate, then you deserve to die. Ricochet stops team killing morons also!

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No, the person shot should die and not have some magical protection barrier that redirects the shots magically back at the shooter.

The person shooting the teammate should be warned and then kicked after the third time. Not allowing them to stay in the game and continue to do so. This is far more realistic than some magic barrier causing the shooting player to die instead.

Ricochet allows more trolling in the game then a 3tk kick system and is why most who like ricochet want it instead,. So they don't have to care if they TK for all they get is a death from it.

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Oh man, could you imagine a small level like Nuketown with ricochet?!?! Teammates constantly running in front of you while you're engaging the enemy. No to ricochet!!

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As others have said, nothing for HC has been announced. As for clans, I truly hope that challenges/ops/clan wars/or any other clan mode will be available for Core or Hardcore just like BO2 had.  The challenge is there and you can play it in whatever game mode you want. Obviously, it would be nice if all modes were available in HC in this scenario.  I don't want them to force me to have to play Core just to participate in my clan (or vice versa for the Core players).

Either way, I do hope there will be more Hardcore game modes. I would love to see how much the community as a whole would like a game mode that has all the core aspects except with 50% of the health. It would be a slight mix between Core and Hardcore. I personally feel the amount of health you have in Core is way too high.  What are the top reasons Core players don't like Hardcore? More Campers? No Hud? No Killcam?

Wheels1AWTT wrote:

I hate that i have to play core and deal with BS that comes with it just to play CTF or specials like 24/7 Nuketown. Please include all the new game modes in Hardcore also. Blitz and Search and Rescue will be epic hardcore games. Also if you are going to have clan challenges put them on hardcore at least 50% of the time. My clan is almost exclusively hardcore players but we will play core for clan challenges, just not when they are all core. We stopped playing after it became clear the support for core is overwhelmingly higher than that for HC.

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