Can we please get almost all the gamemodes in Hardcore!!

Ghosts XBOX 360

Personally I'm a Core fan because of that Arcade style shooter feeling...  With dedicated servers, I think you can play virtually any gamemode on hardcore.

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I am all for the removal of auto-aim in every multiplayer game. That shit is for campaigns and little girls in MY opinion. At a minimum it should be removed from HC.

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Not going to ever happen.

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It seems more and more hardcore game modes are gaining ground. I play on the 360 and will be on the One. I was a core player for a long time. Then I started playing HC and over time I was hooked. My bet is that Infinity Ward will have at least the same hardcore modes that BO2 had. In my opinion the level of play is better and more (realistic). Honesty I will not be returning to any core modes. The simple fact that unloading a half a clip into an enemy for a frag is ridicules. My only hope is that the game developers catch on to this going interest in HC modes. I would like the new modes in HC especially cranked to be available in ghosts. I can imagine the excitement in game play. It would be a shame if developers missed this trend. Shooting for the stars here, wouldn't it be nice if there was some level of competitive game play in HC. Now I am just dreaming but what a sweet dream it is.

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All I care about is if Hardcore Dominations is in Ghosts. If so, i'm good.

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IW really need to sort it out. MW3 was utter crap and they promise this will be better... my ass!! Core and Hardcore should be equal. End of discussion.

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You obviously don't realise that if they could, they would. Infinity Ward only has so much server space for game modes,and since core everything is the more popular then hardcore everything, core will get the majority of game modes, and hardcore will get the few most popular game modes, tdm, kc, and snd/snr

If they could, they would, trust me. I work in IT, and have helped work on servers before

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I refuse to believe that. This is a franchise that has sold over 100 million units. They can buy more servers if needs must. So, what you're saying is total hogwash, if they 'wanted' to they could. They obviously don't 'want' to which is the problem.

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