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is there a website that shows all of your stats? They had it for bo2, bo1 and mw3 but I cant find any for ghosts

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Sorry, but no. All the stats you can look at are in barracks in-game or on the ghosts app. It's a shame. I liked being able to see previous game scores and stuff for me and my friends.

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ghosts app if you have windows 8.1 or a phone.

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The ghost app doesn't show any additional stats to what you can find in Barracks and neither are as comprehensive as they were on BO2 combined with the Elite website and app. I wish they'd used the Elite app for Ghosts or incorporated the good stats into the new app.

Do they have a feedback link for suggestions, so we can request it for future releases or something?

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I agree.  They should have kept improving Elite.  I haven't even downloaded the new ap and I have both Windows 8.1 (horrible buy) and an android.

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Yet again yoiu need something extra to view them,

Getting in contact with devs you need to be on twitter and a lmg player of big youtuber

for stats you need a app not the site

and the forum is a joke

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