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I've been playing Call of Duty ever since Modern Warfare, which for me was one of the best CoD games ever created.  MW2 came out and despite most of the complaints about it, I thought it was still a very good game.  Then came the Black Ops series and MW3, A.K.A the steady decline of Call of Duty, integrating more and more new features and ignoring the things that should have been focused on more throughout the development of the future of CoD games.

This isn't a hate post, I just feel like I need to get some things straight, and hopefully resolve some issues that I'm sure I'm not the only one having.  I've played a lot of CoD and I consider myself somewhat of a veteran; I'm no MLG pro or Hardcore gamers like Ali-A and 60% of the CoD community, but here is my personal list of the Pros and the Cons in CoD: Ghosts (Multiplayer).

The Pros

Most of these are blatantly obvious, but I might as well state them regardless.

Menu Improvements

I'm sure you can all see the contrast in appearance in regards to menus between Ghosts and MW3; MW3 menus felt like a rushed mess of dirty solid color slapped together at the last second of development, whereas Ghosts menus look and feel slick and clean, with a nice pallet.

Game additions/improvements

I'l concatenate these into a bullet-point list so they're shorter and easier to read. This is in no particular order. Note, i'm not going to talk about new guns or perks because this happens in all new CoD games regardless:

  • Sliding - Probably one of the best things added so far, I use it all the time unlike BO's dive.
  • Peering around corners - Not something I use but a slight addition to game-play mechanics.
  • Soldier customization
  • Extinction - although there's only one level, it's good to see IW do something different for a change, even if it is a blatant attempt at cloning zombies, it's still a right side better than spec-ops.
  • Better animation - not really that big of a deal, it just makes the game look and feel more alive
I don't personally think there's anything else I see as an improvement to the game, unless I have missed it, in which case, feel free to make a comment.
The Cons
Here we go. Let's see yet another person rage about what they did wrong in the next CoD title.  Well, that's precisely what I'm going to be doing in this section - I'm going to be talking about everything they did wrong or should have done right.
Before you all get antsy about this, let me make it clear that Infinity Ward has had a very long time to fix this. Ghosts is their sixth installment in the Call of Duty series, and I still find myself getting ever frustrated with the amount of lag I am getting on the game.  I am aware that your internet speed plays a big part in how much ping you have on online games, and I assure you I have more than enough speed to be able to play at more than optimal speed.  But what do I mean by "lag"? Well, I mean several things:
Inconsistent kill cams.  Yes, still an ongoing problem within CoD, I find myself wondering how I got killed after being shot once or twice with an SMG, whilst shooting at least 4 bullets into the guy who was shooting me; turns out he shot more into me than just one or two, but because of the 100ms lag received when playing the game, it does not show this.
Host Migration. The fifth game since MW2 which (still) incorporates host migration; you'd think by now there would be no need for a host when there's only 12 people (at the most) in a single game. Why Infinity Ward doesn't have the resources to support dedicated servers is beyond me, even though it would benefit the game SO MUCH.
For those of you who don't know what this fancy word means:
"a decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive."
The developers, as always, seem to do this for every new title, and they succeed in drawing more and more people under their spotlight by showing off slightly improved features and seemingly brilliant yet deceptive additions - Dynamic maps? Strictly not true, since 90% of whatever is "dynamic" is a scripted sequence, A.K.A static (such as the gas station roof, always falling in the same spot).

Squad Points
Another currency system? Really? Thanks for giving the noobs the upper hand again IW, It really makes them put more effort into playing the fucking game.  Need I say more about this section?

Although matchmaking is vastly improved with each new addition to the CoD franchise, I still find myself wondering why I've been put into a game with people who play the game way too much and are already prestige 2.

No menu interaction at halftime and endgame.
This is one which really frustrates me, and I don't see why it was removed from this game, as it saved a lot of time when deciding which class you want to use. It also means I can choose to leave the game early so I can get into another game as fast as possible, rather than waiting 20 seconds for the final killcam and endgame screen to finish.

Oh boy, need I say more? The amount of times I've been killed seconds after spawning is unbelievable, especially when I expect this sort of thing to be fixed after the amount of times it's happened in the game's predecessors. Why a simple range calculation method can't be used to determine the best possible spawnpoint is beyond me...

Why do we still just appear out of thin air? Is there seriously nothing else you can do to make spawning a little more unique?

I wasn't sure if I should put this here since there is technically no body of water within a map large enough to swim in, but for the sake of preservation, I think I should point out that I hope it will be possible in any DLC map they release. I don't want to die if I fall into a body of water; water doesn't kill me, unless it's extremely acidic or radioactive.

The worst possible thing they could have done to the game is add Riley as a killstreak... Want to know why?
  • Riley can take more bullets (even to the head) than other players before he dies.
  • Riley has a pretty long range to attack you from.
  • Riley kills you by jumping at (the air infront of) you. They can make knife kills look nice but not Riley kills? Sounds like another rushed addition...
  • Riley is impossible to knife (in my experiences with him anyways.)
  • Riley cannot be countered during an attack (which would have made the game a lot nicer.)

Oracle System

Seeing enemies through walls? Really? And what's with that obnoxiously large glow anyways? It's not like CoD players are stupid enough, now you have to point it out as obviously as possible.


Quickscoping is one of the few things that makes me ragequit when playing CoD. Sniper rifles are designed to be used for long-range combat in a concealed place.  Since finding a concealed place on any map is impossible (because there's more than one way to get anywhere), the only other logical use for sniper rifles is camping, short-term mid/long-ranged combat and quickscoping.  I can't stress how much of an issue quickscoping is; those without the skill to do it (like me) hate it because it's not how a sniper rifle should be used.

Those who DO have the skill to do it shouldn't be allowed to, because it gives them the ability to easily pick off enemies with ease... You can say "well maybe you should practice to quickscope", don't, because why waste time on how NOT to use a gun? If this is how IW design their games then I really don't see a point...

Map size

Another thing I shouldn't have to point out, but although there's been a considerable improvement with the size of maps in comparison to those found in CoD4, I feel the developers can do better...


Lets be honest, they've had two years to develop this game and they've been working with their own engine and with Raven Software for the multiplayer content... the result is nothing short of disappointing when you compare them to sequels of other popular franchises (such as BF3, BF4, etc.), especially when there's a lot of unused potential; realistically, Ghosts is just another fishing line, and we'll soon see more maps and small additions for the DLC.

The stuff they've added to improve the game isn't half bad, but it could be better.  I seriously hope the developers push the boundaries within their next CoD games for the next-gen consoles; remember what they said about "raising the bar high" for Ghosts? Well, I'm sorry IW, but it wasn't raised high enough.  You can say "give them a break" but I can just as well say "be more ambitious".  I do like the game, but it just feels like a glorified Modern Warfare 3.

I'm sure there's a lot of things that could be added to this list of pros and cons, and by all means feel free to suggest some or discuss what I have mentioned.  These are more personal pros and cons but I'm sure they apply to more people, and I'm a reasonable guy.

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I completely agree with you. My K/D dropped from a 1.74 to now a 1.10 because of the spawns, quickscoping, and 100ms lag. The fact that the Oracle system is just as idiotic as the Riley killstreak. So far the few things good about this game I've found is more realistic Core gameplay, leaning and getting rid of Black Ops 2's idea of scorestreak. And the Squads mode Wargame? Seriously? That's another way to give noobs the power. All they do is level up, unlock the weapons with Squad Points and go into Multiplayer and play with their easily attained guns and weaponry.

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the game is excellent and IMO it is the best COD yet. I cant wait for the dedicated servers though. Today we had a lot of host migrations.

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The only things I can agree with is quickscoping and somewhat towards Riley being a bit OP.  Otherwise, the lack of menu interaction at halftime/endgame is a small issue, spawning is always a problem that occurs early in the COD life cycle, Oracles are not that OP, and why would you want people to swim?  Where you would even swim to??

But most of all--lag is not the dev's problem.  It's our own internet that needs fixing.  Also, why the hate on squad points?  Should people deserve the right to unlock whatever they want to at any given time?  Why restrict that freedom?


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holy necro'd thread batman O.o

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