CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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It's actually my favorite COD multiplayer to date.  If they could just fix the spawning it would be approaching perfection IMO.  At times, the spawning is enough to make me want to stick a fork in my eye.  The dogs could probably also be nerfed a little health wise.  It's hard to kill them with single, slow firing weapons.

I was growing a little tired of the hip fire smg fest where people would hide and chain helicopter killstreaks to a max killstreak like dogs.  There isn't much incentive to camp out killstreaks on this game IMO, b/c they just aren't that powerful and you won't get mega kills with them in most cases.  You'd likely get more kills by hunting people down.

The pace of this game is a breath of fresh air compared to that style.   The map with the hot dog stand is enough of a run and gun map to quench my thirst for super fast paced action right now.

I should point out that I primarily play core TDM and some Domination every now and then... so for people who were big into one of the modes that aren't on the game right now I can see where that would be upsetting.

Also.. about the mute thing... you can mute people now with the start button then click mute players.  You couldn't do this on release but it was made available after the last update thing.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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Well said. Really enjoying this game. Best Cod to date!

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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I agree with this being the best cod yet. Saw a youtube video where they split screened the ps3 against the ps4 and yes I do agree that this game was made more for the next-gen consoles. Never the less I think it is playing just fine on the 360.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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No, and regarding mute function....the only other way I have found, is to go to recent players through Xbox live dashboard and mute them that way.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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I will just go ahead and address your points in a list as to why I don't think it is the worst yet, or even close to the worst.

1.  I believe the fast kill time is to make it harder for people to drop shot, turn on people, and to help the "shoot first die first" problems that happened because of lag.

2. I can say that looking at ghost on my 360 and from what I have seen of the XB1 version it look about the same as the other COD games. COD has not been known for being a ground breaking game graphically.

3. Every COD so far has been 6v6 with the exception of ground war modes. My understanding has been that the the builds of COD on current-gen consoles are not capable of bigger modes.

4. Not really sure on this one.

Based on the reason you gave I can't see how they could contribute to this being the "Worst COD multiplayer yet"

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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I think this is the worst COD multiplayer so far. The connection is an absolute mess at times. The same old issues with lag compensation/latency from past titles continues to "entertain" players up to this day. You would think after all this time of making these games they would learn a thing or two, but the connection seems to get worse with each release. I try to take this game slower just like everyone else, but that barely helps when I still die after I shoot someone first, and I shoot absolutely nothing on the killcam. Don't even try to give me the garbage that the killcams are not meant to be 100% accurate. They at least show you part of what happened if not the full story, and I know from what I see that what happened on that killcam did not happen on my screen, and I got cheated out of a kill I should have gotten. Plus, with the maps being so big and the time to kill being so low, all people do on this game is camp. The game is already slow paced due to the map sizes, so people decide to slow it down even further by camping. Any amount of fun that could have been had just disappears when multiple people on the enemy team play like that. The spawns are the worst it has been in any COD to date. Everytime I kill someone, I get shot in the back by someone spawning right on my arse. I spawn right in my enemy's line of sight.

Those dedicated servers better get implemented as promised and it better alleviate some of these problems or I will definitely not keep this garbage.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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I dont know what everyone is crying about. . .this is by far my fav COD to date,   I started playing multiplayer in MW2 so this is only my fifth one but i love everything about the game.

are their lag issues,  yea.  are there times when you get hit after you run around a corner, yup   but these are in every COD

tI love the marksman class,     I think the AR's are sweet.   one complaint is the vision for the sniper scopes is poor.   

I love the maps

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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Best CoD to date.

When they have done away with the hackers this game will rule for a long time and will be the game in this Next-Gen we all look back to and say "CoD was as its best then." and to which all other CoDs will be compared, just like it was for CoD4 in the gen of consoles before this.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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Honestly could not agree more. I love the way this game plays to be honest. The maps are all surreal and make you think about where you should be going before you sprint into the open. I personally see a lot of strategy involved in Ghosts unlike any CoD before. I don't like that they took out most of the "skill-gap", because that helped define CoD back in the day. I must say that in ways this game makes me reminisce of CoD4, the best CoD to ever be made.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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This is by far the worst COD to date hands down!!!

Here are a few reasons why:

1.) The maps are far too large for the fast paced game play that COD is known for. (They are game-breaking in fact.)

2.) Very limited Hardcore game modes. Including the removal of Search & Destroy. (Core sucks!)

3.) Grenade launcher dynamic changed. (If you don't like explosives then tough shit!)

4.) Ricochet is back (Stay out of the damn way!)

5.) Sat Coms are useless (Bring back the UAV)

6.) Quickscoping (Absolutely absurd)

7.) SMG's are like BB guns now (WTF)

8.) Knifing (Stop whining about the panic knife)

9.) Create a class system (BO2 had it right)

10.) LAG (At the very least bring back region search)

These are only a few of the many reasons this game is a pile of shit but I think a lot of people are starting to wake up to the scam that Activision has established with this franchise. I love COD but it is dying! Sometimes less is more and they should realize that. COD4 is a great example of that. Great game. It required some tweaking but is still the best COD in the series because it simplified everything.

Just one mans humble opinion.

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