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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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Funny you mention " stop whining" in one of the ten things you are crying about.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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1.) It was implemented early on that there would be larger maps, you seem so surprised, is this more of because you haven't got used to the pace of them?? Im confused what is so wrong with larger maps? They're a perfect medium. Its not like every map is stone haven come on.

2.) Hardcore was going down hill, minimal people played hardcore as the CoD's have progressed and there was hardly a need for it anymore so they simply dumbed it down a little.

3.) Why would you complain about explosives damage, we don't want this to turn in to MW2 all over again, any game joined in Mw2 today is filled with one-man-army danger close punks and thats why it is not played as often today as it should be....

4.) Ricochet is back.......and????

5.)Sat coms are only useless if you don't know how to use them. The kill streaks have more purpose and this game and are beginning to look down on slapping the left dpad for a kill streak, they're all about strategy and can be beyond effective if used correctly, you should look into it a little they're actually pretty cool if you can get 2 or 3 down simultaneously.

6.) Quickscoping, i used to live on quickscoping in previous cods but I'm not even going to go there.

7.) I honestly have no idea what you're talking about with the SMGs, could you give an example? lol i feel like every gun is fairly well and i don't even use half of them..

8.) What about knifing, from what I've heard most think the new knifing animation is sick. Would you rather have this or the outrageously annoying, and basically useless trey arch knives.....i refuse to even use my knife in a trey arch made game.

9.) I think the class system is outstanding, sure most argue that there is no incentive to play because how easy everything is to get but i also think those are the people who hardly have researched the barracks and operations with all the various unlocks and patches how could you get bored? and they've added and entire character customization with further unlocks? i don't see a valid argument here.....oh and the perks, if you dare say the perks suck you don't understand game development what so ever.

10.) Honestly Lag was the only thing you could think of?

I don't think Ghosts is by any means the worst multiplayer. It is very strategic and conditioned, reminds me of the OG CoD4(Very dumbed down) If you can't hang on Ghosts its probably because you are one of the noobs that enjoys trey arch games where everyone is equal and no one is meant to dominate. Learn some strategy and look at the fun side of the game, complaining isn't getting your 60 dollars back anytime soon.

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Re: CoD Ghosts:  Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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While I respect your opinion mate I absolutely disagree. To even compare this game to COD4 is an insult to the best multiplayer experience in the entire series. (At least until the hackers took it over).

By the way, I'm no company fan boy so calling me a Treyarch noob and acting as if I shouldn't voice my concerns as a consumer of the game, since it's creation, is a bit silly mate. Both companys have made good and bad contributions to the series but I think they have gone too far away from what originally made the game great. It's a fast paced arcade style FPS which is why millions flocked to the game in COD4. But since then they have tried to slow the pace and dumb down the game making it noob friendly. If I wanted to strategize and play at a slower pace I would play Battlefield but that's not my cup of tea.

If you enjoy Ghosts that's great. After all it's your 60 dollars. I simply think they should take a look back and see what made COD a great gaming experience.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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Not even close to being the worst COD, its easily better than MW2 MW3 and BO2.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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Yes! The developers have listened too much to people moaning about campers so the maps are designed to stop this, but all you get is a mess of too many different levels too many ways in and out of buildings, no choke points and the result is once your in the enemy area you get spawned behind and shot! Remember crash on modern warfare?? The pleasure we got from clearing a building of snipers, sneaking past the claymores... Or if you were the sniper the pleasure of getting in the building setting up your claymores and sniping the enemy at the other end of the map???? Because there is so much info in the game now the lag is worse than ever couple this with the map design and all you get is frustration now:-( play modern warfare this was the peak of the cod series its been downhill since then..... developers sometimes bigger is not better.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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You can either mute in the lobby or during the game with the start button.  From here you get the option to mute players.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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This is by far the worst Call of Duty. Hands down....

It's almost 2014 and we're going backwards. I didn't spawn and die in Rainbow 6 Vegas as quick as it happens in Ghosts. Everybody count your next game and atleast 4-5 times a game you will instantly die upon respawn. Get out of the business if you haven't learned to spawn us the farthest away from an enemy by now. A room is never clear in Ghosts. As soon as you turn around you die.

Tonight I shot and detonated an IED on a door frame only to run through th door and set off the IED on the other side of the wall. Call me crazy for expecting the IED I shot to cause the one inches away to detonate also. I know for a fact that in past COD's explosives would set off chain reactions if set off in proximity to other explosives. Not the case in Ghosts.

That brings me to no longer having control of what I play. There was a time I could define my game search. What I mean is that if I didn't like IEDS or grenades I could input that into a search and find games that had those items locked. No longer the case. Add to that I play Hardcore and now my options are even slimmer. 4 game modes....thanks

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Re: CoD Ghosts:  Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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could not agree more. It is rubbish. I've spent the last two months plaguing my ISP and have a very smooth 60mb link as a result. No change. It's still rubbish. I've got the latest and greatest Asus router with port forwarding and google DNS configured. Still s--t. I live in London with all the best ISP infrastructure under my feet. It's still awful. dedicated servers = snake oil. with BO2 I could get around the poor game performance by playing in the morning and then giving up in the afternoon When the US came on line and the kids got out of school. This game is bad all the time. The distribution of k/d makes no sense. A random selection of players will not result in one group getting 15+ kills and low deaths while the other group are getting a opposite result 15+ deaths and 7 kills top score....time and time again. Remove my own performance, it still makes no sense unless the underlying model is faulty. It is. Complete sh&it.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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I did all this when BO2 came out and had some lag issues. used google benchmarking tool, and mturoute.exe, to find and optimise my best dns. helped a bit back then, but did nothing for this game.

Lag comp is garbage in ghost no way around it. its just bad, im tired of not being able to react to gun fire. Just gave up went back to BO2. Maybe in a few months i will try again, but right now there are way too many problems with this game. Sadly i think this will be the last IW version of cod i will buy as it always seems i just end up going back to the previous 3arc version.

They just see to be concerned with fixing useless errors, and not actually improving the games performance. Adding Heavy Duty mode was just a lazy way to appease the masses rather then actually fixing the lag issues.

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Re: CoD Ghosts: Worst CoD multiplayer yet?

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muralscotprice wrote:

4)  Muting players - Maybe I just cant find out how, but does anybody know how to mute just a single player?  In the past you could pull up the lobby info, and scroll down to the player you wanted to mute, but I cant find that now.

I wouldn't say it's the worst multiplayer yet. The game is fine, it's just the players that kill it by using all the cheap and cheesy ways to get kills and everybody camping like scared little bitches.

And, for the record, I've been playing CoD since CoD2 as it was an xbox 360 launch game. I even played CoD: Big Red One and the very first CoD aka CoD Classic when it came with MW2 Prestige Edition.

As for muting players, you now have to press start (pause mid game and stand there defenseless) and go to mute players or something like that to bring up a list of players where you can then press A to mute individual people. Now that is probably one of the biggest steps backwards the game has made since it used to be super quick and easy to mute people without having to stand still. Also, I've found that if you use the mute all option, if you join another lobby with different players, they will all be muted as well.

Sometimes I wonder if the guys (and gals) at Infinity Ward and Treyarch even play their own games and if they do, do they ever play them outside of their own private LAN environment.

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