Dealing With Campers

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Mind games.

H I L A R I O U S .

I think someone's upset they thought it would be a good idea to go cut someone else off at the pass ... only to find out via the kill cam that the person heading for the pass doubled back and stuck a big Tac 12 up their arse. Sorry if anyone is butt hurt ... Call me a camper, call me a quick scoper. Call me a chicken with my head cut off, call me a screamer. Call me anything you think I don't want to be called ... but one thing you will call me is ... a winner. When the match is over, the dust has settled, the scores tallied, you will have only one thing left and that is ...

nuttin 2 say

... I take it back - I wish I could say I'm sorry if someone is buttt hurt. But, in good conscience ... I can't. I just can't.

"At the end of the match, there remains only ... nuttin 2 say."
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I like when people camp in Clan Wars. They sit there, thinking they're secure in their little bunkers only to find out their fortress isn't impregnable.

We breach the gates, mow them down, and suddenly they don't know what to do. Their flawless strategy is no longer valid and they can't adapt.

The anger and despair in their voices fuels my team.

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Many more technics than that. I am a master camper and invented my own techniques which I won't post because they are secrets. If I let them out, ya'll can get me easier.

I wouldn't call corner camping ads as True Camping. True doesn't fit as its not the purest of form. Its Corner Camping, plain and simple. Very few people do it, I can count on two hands the amount of times I've seen it in Ghosts.

But ya, psychological warfare is so much fun with RnGr's. They are so predictable. Their squeal's are music to my ears.

Camping isn't just for trying to get a high KD though. I like to kill and kill a lot, if there is a statistical number that comes with it, so be it. I dislike dying and try to prevent it. It helps my team.

My KD is like 3.5 and its not easy keeping it at that number. It takes a lot of skill.

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LifeInvader wrote:

Many more technics than that. I am a master camper and invented my own techniques which I won't post because they are secrets. If I let them out, ya'll can get me easier.

You got me very curious.  Why don't you PM me the secret.  I promise I won't divulge it unless it's not so secretive or unknown. 

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His secret is to sit there with IEDs, and amplify.  If the explosives don't get the enemy then him hearing them coming and aiming at the entrance will.  Tada.  The secret is out.

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Non-issue. Campers are easy to deal with and I have to say, your stereotype of campers and how they work makes it clear that you know nothing about camping which would explain why you have so many problem with them. Just get better at the game and play smarter than your opponent.

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ghamorra wrote:

Non-issue. Campers are easy to deal with....

I wouldn't say a good camper is easy to deal with.  The solutions may be simple and obvious, but to get a camper who knows what he's doing is not that easy. 

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Why people let the the CAMPERS get to them to be honest everybody camp just enjoy the game and it stress you more then get a life and do something with your life...............just saying

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People camp regardless whether there are audible footsteps or not.  Did you not play BO2?

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Once I learn the maps, I don't mind campers so much.  My problem is that right now I'm running so many of these maps effectively blind b/c I don't know what structures or windows, etc, are through the next door.

@OP I think that's a decent summary of camping.  People get all fired up about it, but it's just another tactic.  The only argument anti-campers really have is a twist on the old reductio ad absurdum : But what if nobody run (ran?) and gunned (i.e., if everybody camped), then you'd have games ending in 0-0 ties.  While true, it's so rarely (if ever) applicable to the actual game that it carries very little weight.

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