Dealing With Campers

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Good post in detail, anyone who does this is usually a very easy target for experienced COD players. I love, I mean LOVE taking out players who are stagnant.

Remain still I will take you out no matter your pretty set up.

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i get a kick out of this some times ill stop in a game to check on team or look to see how the points are going as in cap points not stats or as you pointed out to hold a point..they all i hear is camper this and that..... well all i can say is what i say in the game it's all about how you want to play the or not, hold or move...oh yes what i say in the game is..when you buy the games i play then you can tell me how to play them...i liked your post alot..

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ATTENTION to all of you who hate campers and CLAIM to be interested in W/L above all: You should LOVE Campers like me.

Why? Because those of us who camp and go 16-1, 22-3, etc HELP YOU WIN GAMES (in TDM specifically).

Now, if you want to be mad at the Campers who go 3-0 over a whole match, then I can totally back you up on that - that is just not cool. But, if you Camp like I do - in high traffic areas where I am, yes, backed up by IED, Motion Sensor AND a dog then I don't see why you hate that.

Unless, of course, you are on the other team and you just can't play intelligently enough to come kill me.

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To bad defends aren't taken seriously. I would always post up somewhere between the home flag and 'B' so I could protect both. I alone eliminated 30% of the map with my camping allowing my team somewhere safe to spawn and to solely focus on the opposing flag. It worked so well that I often didn't have much to do outside of killing a couple guys that broke out of the spawntrap. But who allowed for that spawntrap to be possible? Me and my locking down of the two flags.

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I like it. Your right this has been my arguement for a long time. If you are on Domination or capture the flag or such you are defending the area. Thank you very informative.

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... has never been easier.

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Especially with the BS health and bullet dam(n)age

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HC is two or less hitmakers

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Campers aren't a problem complainers are the biggest problem in general regardless of how they play.

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How to deal with campers? If you can get behind them, do so and have some fun whilst you are at it! If they are sat watching the sole entrance to where they are, leave them be.

Whilst everyone is allowed to play how they want (within reason and the ToS), I really do struggle to understand how some people seemingly derive so much pleasure from sitting in one spot, ADSing a single point. I can understand those who do it for the trololol factor, but there are some who genuinely play like that. HOW do they not get bored/restless?

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