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Most campers are easy to deal with, they may get the first kill if they are shaking in their boots in a corner trying to blend into a dustbin but in general Ive now come to learn where all the campers hide and if one gets me i just return next time with a few clan members and hit the room with enough explosives to take the building down and assault at the same time, not so easy to take down multiple enemies coming in from all entry points all using party chat to attack at once.

Camping is a tactic in the game its just unfortunately the one most little kids use then think they are beast at the game until they face a real opponent and end up rage quitting.

Often I will counter a camper by camping, if they insist on constantly returning to the same spot, ill wait for them to return, moving to where you know they are going to come back to, waiting then playing them at their own game. In particular on warhawk people love to camp in them upstairs buildings, often ill kill them go outside and wait for them to go back in and continuously kill them. Most campers are dum as hell anyways, the more intelligent campers that move to different corners might sometimes get me twice but in general they get owned because camping is not the most effective way to kill in call of duty games.

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I like campers, cause they raise your K/D higher

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Your not bashful, I'll give you that. I don't criticize anyones playing style. If that's how you want to play then enjoy. However there's nothing more boring then sitting in a corner. Either I die or you die but I'm not going to sit around waiting for it to happen!

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Folks, just try to remember...  Anyone that can get kills while on the move isn't going to sit there.  People that sit there and wait only do so because that's the only way they are going to get kills.  I accept that and understand that not everyone will be good at this game or any game or activity for that matter.  Don't get mad at someone for sucking, just be glad you're not them.

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Who the hell cares about campers get that rusher mentality out of here and stop being selfish for a change and you wonder why campers are so selfish when they are complaining. Please. They need to fix this game before they start addressing the equipment and perks. Right now the Assault rifles are just like the perks no cons. The lag is unbearable and the spawns are worse then any I have even seen not to mention this game has no security someone could start resetting people and still not get banned. So yea stop worrying about campers they are no threat unless they get their way again which they haven't so there is no reason to complain.

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@Axey ... there's a secret in this thread, all right, but it has nothing to do with what LifeInvader posted. It has everything to do with the OP.

@CurliesRogue ... save yourself a ton of frustration and spend some time in Private Match. No one will accuse you of not playing objectives or camping when you're on the map all by yourself. I'm not saying you are a negative KDR, but something that I have found 100% consistent about negative KDR run & gun players: they NEVER invest time in getting a feel for the environment. Personally, I no longer spend a lot of time in private match learning maps. Why? Because I've spent so much time doing it in the past and I've spent so much time looking back over heat maps (and prior to the availability of heat maps, I would spend time moving around maps avoiding kills for the strict purpose of learning the flow of maps) ... that now I can go straight into most maps and, at first glance, tell you were the most popular camp spots are going to be.

I have posted in this thread a couple of times already in a manner that should indicate great pessimism of the OP. This thread is conspicuously similar to another recent thread regarding camping. The OP pretends to break down camping thoroughly, but he doesn't. His "goals" of campers all boil down to only one real goal. Whether or not that goal is accurate is not relevant - there are many reasons people camp.

Also, you guys that stereotype campers do yourselves an enormous disservice. One of the critical mistakes you make in dealing with campers is make two wholly false, inaccurate assumptions about campers: 1) they are all children, 2) they have no skill.

Well, I've got 1000s of hours put into playing COD and BF and I will firmly stand behind my claim that there are some EXTREMELY skilled campers out there. There are guys out there that even high, 2.0+ kdr players find impossible to deal with.

And, you make yourselves look dumber than a fifth grader when you say that "only kids/screamers" camp. Children are not mentally developed enough to fully grasp the concept of "consequences." And they sure as hell don't see that concept as it applies to a damm video game. That's why screamers are most likely to run & gun, repeatedly feed campers kills, Halo jump all over the map, 360 scope, dolphin dive, and spend the whole match sliding into home base.

If a screamer kills you just once because he's a camper, who's the real idiot?

The OP is f*****g with all your heads. He's no camper. He hates campers. He's mocking people that are attempting to defend campers ... because he actually thinks that people that defend campers are defending camping. He thinks anyone that defends campers does nothing but camp.

"At the end of the match, there remains only ... nuttin 2 say."
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I didn't want to create the impression that I hate campers, I do camp on a regular basis (I'm telling the truth). I do camp on many maps, the others I either don't play or run around with a shotgun. I created this discussion to point out some basic facts that many people fail to realize, especially about not coming back to a campers trap. It's true I didn't really give that great of a breakdown on the goals of camping, but to sum it all up, it's just for the KDR and the killstreaks (mostly).

Some people really got the wrong idea from this topic, I don't hate fellow campers, and I don't promote or hate on camping. I'm not mocking people that defend camping. I definitely gave some people the wrong idea from this discussion, and I apologize for that. Personally I think any playstyle in COD is OK, as long as it's not hacking, to anyone who says camping is cheating, give one reason explaining that it's wrong.

The only real contest in my camping adventures is getting to my camp spots. This is where I die the most, but if I get to my spot, theres really no way to get me out. The only way I f**k with your heads is with my camper mindgames, which are very amusing.

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If that's the case VECTOR, my apologies. I'm actually inclined to believe you because one of the critical aspects of camping is to leave the opponents not really sure if you are, in fact camping.

I see it as there are three main types of campers.

Corner Camper

Team Camper

Skilled Camper

The Team Campers can be broken down further into just plain old Team Campers and the Team Anchor Camper.

The Skilled Campers include the Pro Skilled Camper.

Of these types of campers, the Corner Camper is the one who deserves the absolute least amount of worry. These guys camp to stay alive. That's it. They don't care if they get a kill or not, so long as they don't die 30 times. If they can pick up a few kills along the way, great. But their primary focus is staying alive.

The Team Camper, yes, is focused on getting kills - for no other reason but to score those high end streak rewards. The Team Camper Anchor is more focused upon controlling spawns than he is upon scoring kills. The big thing, IMO, you have to worry about when it comes to Team Campers of either degree is that there is some degree of coordinated effort.

The Skilled Camper is the camper that people are complaining about. They don't think so. They think they are complaining about Corner Campers. He is just ask skilled at the run & gun as he is at the camp; he can snipe ... he is comfortable in any role. What makes him a "camper" is simply the fact that he will recognize when camping will reap the most damage upon the enemy team, not just rack up kills.

The Pro Skilled Camper is everything the Skilled Camper is ... and more. The PSC guy can hold down a section of the map or a room ... at will ... and for as long as he likes. He can take on a blitz from the entire enemy team ... and win.

You are correct: unless you are genuinely a strong player? The best way to handle what I call Skilled Campers and what you call a "True Camper" ... is to avoid these guys completely.

"At the end of the match, there remains only ... nuttin 2 say."
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Entirely true, THIS grouping of "campers" makes more sense than mine. I'm mostly a team camper, because I love getting my loki and juggernaut. In fact, I'll share one of my best camping tricks: the guard dog. Once I get my guard dog, I'll have it cover the doorways and stairs (example, on warhawk, I'll call in my wolf while I'm using my loki. The people that come in from the only way in will be mauled violently by my wolf.). Most people really don't take advantage of the guard dog/wolf, it's called the GUARD dog/wolf, so nobody can say it's cheating.

The fellow skilled campers I meet usually contest me as far as getting in to the best spots. The spots that people learn from me the most is the small room in overlord right next to the B flag, and the entire building on tremor that has a great view of the B flag.

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I just have to say that was a very entertaining post thanks for the laugh

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