Dealing With Campers

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Ok Confession: I camp like no other! I mean I stay WAAAAYYY BACK and get kills from the blind.

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I take it easy, wait look, listen, aim kill various unsuspecting bad -a-s-e-s who think they are playing GTA! Peace.

I camp and SO WHAT ---- STOP DYING so easily.

Or come here and tell us how hard it was to kill a camper!

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You're right defending is not camping, but the scrubs that go in to Domination and do neither are scrubs, especially on stone..Campers will always try and justify their ways by saying "I'm defending" or "I'm covering", but for the most part from what I've seen their k/d whores plain and simple.

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I've yet to come across a camper I could not flush out like a stubborn turd.

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Looks like you haven't found me yet

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This is how I deal with campers. Kill them take their spot cause odds are they aren't better runner n gunners as they are campers. lol It's so funny when you kill a camper and take his spot cause then he goes negative and starts raging. Lol can't play any other way. Or I just shoot explosives all over the place. Sometimes I rush them with Agility as well they get so mad.

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Rushers fuel the campers, that's what gets us most of our kills. Taking a camper's spot is a horrible deed for a fool of a camper, if it happens to me I'll find a new spot. As far as explosives go, I use blast shield 24/7, and tac resist is on my specialist setup. If you REALLY want to kill campers with kablosives, use semtex or the mk32, since being stuck has no escape. Assuming you rush everywhere w/ agility, you'll make yourself fresh meat for anybody that has amplify (including me). I like to take other campers' spots, as they probably haven't perfected their camping class like I have, and being prepared is a huge dealio in the field of camping (specifically killing campers that try to contest your spot). I like your tactics, toying with foolish campers. It's definitely a Sun Tzu thing, forcing your enemies to play in your field with your rules.

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Have you ever tried the Zen Master play style? It's really effective for players who like to take things slow. Basically how you use this play style is you never sprint even at the start of the match you never sprint. Basically this will allow players who use this to be more aware since they are going by slow. Another thing you have to do to make this effective is always keep moving. It doesn't matter how slow you are as long as you don't stop. Make sure you use the IED and always put it behind you when walking through an open area. While using the Zen Style you can't use lethal score streaks they must be all non lethal. You must use Dead Silence with an non silenced weapon as well. It's a fun way to play it's better then mindlessly camping or rushing lol.

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I take my tent, roast my marshmallows nearly every game... maybe if you stopped running and gunning so much I'd stop camping.

Honestly, ITS A TYPE OF STRATEGY, get used to it. No amount of crying to mommy and daddy will stop people from doing it.

Do you cry every time you dont win the lottery? Do you cry everytime you have to pay a bill? Do you cry because you couldnt get a reservation to your favorite restaurant? No, because its a part of life. The same applies.

If you dont like the lobby you're in, LEAVE. Find a group of 4 or 5 others to game with regularly and you wont have to worry about us lonely campers hiding in the dark corner waiting for you to run by so we can stick that shiv in your back

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I like these responses.

What most everyone is referring to is the Team Camper, not the Corner Camper. Two completely different strategies in taking them out. The Corner Camper, IMO, doesn't even merit developing a strategy to counter. Just be alert - which players should be in the first place.

The camper that insists on returning to the same spot over and over, even though he gets killed repeatedly trying to retake the location? That guy is not a Skilled Camper. He's a Team Camper - even if, in his own mind, he merely thinks he is somehow benefiting his team. Very often what this guy doesn't realize is that his team does not need nor want him to camp.

On the other hand, the Skilled Camper won't beg for a particular location. He might get overwhelmed and taken out and, thus, return to the same location. But he won't be ... I say this word from a diagnostic point of view, not a derogatory point of view ... a skilled camper will not be retarded about retaking a location. If he can take it, he will. If it looks too risky, he'll blow it off and go find another location. One key difference between the Skilled Camper and the Team Camper is that, while very often the team will start off not caring if either of these guys camp, the team with the Skilled Camper will eventually subconsciously appreciate the effort. He will critical to controlling the flow of the battle and, though he's only scoring a portion of the kills, he's setting up fairly easy kills that his teammates can score. This is the camper we hate to admit we love to have on our team. I'm not saying we like having him in every match; but I am saying that, if he's on our team, when the match is over we won't be crying about campers. On the other hand, a guy that attempts to camp and claims to be doing it on behalf of the team but fails at doing so miserably - we hate that mofo. I mean, we do. Even "good" campers hate campers that suck at camping.

@ Adam ... lol! Loved your post. Just the weird way stuff plays out sometimes. I could tell you some stories about just walking around on a map, never running. Hilarious. People get so worked up and excited, desperate to "find" the next kill that they stop paying attention to the obvious.

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nuttin2say wrote:

People get so worked up and excited, desperate to "find" the next kill that they stop paying attention to the obvious.

Lol... a bit off topic but theres been times when ive been planting in SnD and some ding dong decides hes gonna ninja defuse... once some guy ran up to me and starting teabagging... I saw his shadow and I prompty stood up and knifed him XD

Slightly more on topic... ive always loved ninja-ing. Once on BO2 the Summit remake (cant remember the name lol) I decided to ninja at the tower site. The first round I sat right by the site and killed the planter. Round 2, I tried the same place but got killed. Round 3, and I sat by a rock, in plain view, not even in grass or anything... 3 kills that round lol. Still have no idea how nobody saw me.

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