Dealing With Campers

Ghosts XBOX 360

Don't tell me you're serious. What is this vague attempt at glorifying camping with some bullshit excuse that you're executing a tactical move.

Mind games are fun, because making someone feel insecure and clueless is just where I want them to be.

Acquired the internet badman persona have we? Don't fool yourself. You can't justify juvenile gameplay with juvenile talk.

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If I WAS the internet badman, I'd be like "MUAHAHAHA, the camping goal is complete! (*laughs maniacally while stroking a black cat*)"

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I honestly don't care for campers but i just deal with them. I run and gun. and I love it when u run in on a camper and kill them and they get mad saying "how to hell i shot you" and yet they died by a pistol. it's fun either way. I kept terrorizing this one camper on a few maps who kept getting his dog. The dog kept giving his position away and i'd know he's within close prox. of the dog. then you use your mind cuz there is simply only so many spots close to the dog they could be. just think before you make a move.

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I think the Zen master play style is more effective then camping sometimes lol.

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 So basically you a bitch who can't run around and kill people so you sit in the corner like a hoe? That makes since.

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Easy way is to make them think ur going one way but you going the other way and knife them its easy to beat them

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