Dedicated Servers Are Live Lol

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The game ran smooth for me the first 2 days, and it's been downhill ever since. It's more of the same with the COD series. It's not as bad as BO2, but it's still not good by a long shot!

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Well I live in San diego and there certainly are not dedi's down here (mind you San Diego is top 10 in population in US and only 100 miles from Los Angeles).  I had numerous migrations yesterday and several host failures

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I think if the servers were live you'd see all kinds of announcements about it.  The way these things work is you shout out all your accomplishments and say everything good about yourself.  And then you keep quiet and hope to hell no one catches wind of everything you've failed to do right.

And if we're going off location I live 15 minutes from IW and Activision.  I average a host migration every fourth game. And it's usually me who's host. So if anyone can get on those damn servers, I hope it would be me.

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