Do You guys remember MAG?

Ghosts XBOX 360

you want to talk about next gen consoles its not like theres a ton of fps is there dont be stupid im talking about all the bad reveiws and all the people tradeing there game in for something else

Theres what like 15 20 games that you can get on the next gen console its not hard to be on top with no other games to compete with

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We used to play all the time, I do remember 128 vs 128 with no lag, that I for sure remember.

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I haven't completed the last three cod campaigns because for me it's all about multiplayer.

I'm around 10% completed on Ghosts and I only play campaign if there's an issue getting online, I would think the majority buy the game  for multiplayer too.

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Mag was awesome!! Incredibly huge maps

Almost no lag at times!!?? Why cant we get that with these crappy small maps on cod?

Had tanks and vehicles!! Even SOCOM !!!?? There was one of the titles of SOCOM that had vehicles!!

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If anyone is feeling nostalgic and wants to play MAG again you better be quick as the servers are being switched off on the 28th January, I think SOCOM servers are going as well.

It was quite a good game and it wasn't a place for noobs as it had quite a steep learning curve, I think the influx of BF and COD games out at the same time probably stopped it from selling better as well.

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