Does anyone else feel the same way? (Viewer Discretion Advised)

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Does anyone else feel the same way? (Viewer Discre...

So, to brief everybody else on my experience thus far, I decided to rent Ghosts in hope of it being a nice change of pace and something that would be somewhat enjoyable. As a call of duty player who has gotten every single call of duty since COD 3 and every single map pack since COD: WaW, I decided to wait out and not buy it this year and I'm not sure if I made the right decision.

I have a few questions that need answering. First I will start with the Bad, and eventually I will get to the Good.

1. Why did you get rid of Demolition, headquarters, capture the flag, hardcore search and destroy, and Ground War? I'm sure there are others that I did not mention, however, I am legitimately wondering, "What the fuck happened?"

2. Why is there no stats in game in regards to your individual weapon proficiency? By that I mean how come you don't have individual stats for each weapon? I understand that there may be some legal business or something of the sort that prevents you from doing certain things that Treyarch does, but seriously?

3. Why does every map look so damn dark and eerie? I understand the dark undertone of the story and how it's semi apocalyptic, in a way. Yet, whenever I play multiplayer, I get bummed out. I want to see maps like carnival from MW2 that were just out there and random. But, this stuff?

Now we can get to the good stuff. I didn't have any good question, but these were just things that I enjoyed about the game.

1. I would like to congratulate you on a job well done, graphics and scenery wise. There are some absolutely spectacular scenes in game that are, needless to say, breathtaking. Granted, it is a game so there is only so much you can do, but compared to previous games, this was an awesome feature. I do also really enjoy the animated environments and such. If this is my experience on the 360 I can't wait to open up the xbox one version and shove that bitch in the console.

2. Customization, including perks, new weapons, equipment, killstreaks and everything in between is pretty awesome. I enjoy being able to mess with my squad and name them after "Feel Good" talk show hosts such as Dr. Phil and Oprah. Some may find it cheesy, but, I enjoyed this very much. The weapons are awesome. I really enjoyed the MW series and I will continue to play the ghosts series, I'm sure.

3. Squads. I thought this was brilliant. Definitely worth playing whenever multiplayer pulls a "go fuck yourself" move and decides that you're not getting any kills this round. Definitely a new and rather creative way of going about leveling different classes and players. I thought this was awesome and I will definitely keep playing it.

So, there it is. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has seen things that clearly need to be addressed. But, I just wanted to ensure that my voice was heard, in a way. If any of you agree or disagree I'd love to know why. I don't want people to think I'm being too cynical or anything of the sort. I actually want to know if other people notice these things or if I'm just pissing in the wind.

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the game is excellent. It forces people to use their brains instead of running around with no direction or plan. For those who love run and gun fast action - there is cranked mode. Cranked is super fast pace and awesome.

This game is the best COD yet in my opinion, and I have played COD3 and up.

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To view weapon proficiency, go to create a class. Select the weapon you would like to see your stats on (as if you were going to select that weapon for your loadout). Now instead of hitting A to select it, hit right or left bumper. Voilà. Weapon proficiency. It's not very user intuitive but it is in the game.

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ahh. Thanks! I was wondering about if it was in the game or not. Just something that I thought was missing. Have you heard anything about the game modes being taken out though? Demolition was one of my favorite game types and I had to fight back tears when I didn't see it in game lol

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They put SnD back in in a patch and Ground War is gonna be on next-gen, but no word on whether Demo CTF or Headquarters are coming back.

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I would love Headquarters to return.

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i have a few issues with it yes it is amazing you dont need a whole clip to kill some one anymore but if i wanted to die in 2 shots id always play hardcore and the fact that they say oh were gonna make it so you can customize you character ok you half way got it common sense would of told you to let us customize our camo colors.........i guess we didnt learn anything from rainbow six vegas/vegas 2......camo customization epic fail you guys took a leap 10 years in the past and didnt learn a thing from a game thats 6yrs old

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Sadly not everyone feels the same way.

There are some people in this world FOR EXAMPLE that still refuse to adapt to others playstyle and want to the developers to patch it . In this case 99.9 percent of the people would then have to adapt to the nerf so one person can be happy.. Those types of people  dont see it any other way and threaten to return the game, send hate twitter posts, and curse on the forums because they cant get their way.

I dont have many problems with this game because I adapted to the lag and adapted to the spawns. I have also adpated to the size of the maps. Because I know for a FACT that the developers will not FIX everything in this game. They will just make some tweaks to try and make it better. Just like they have been doing for the past 6 years I have been playing COD online. Well pretty much just like ANY online game I ever played.

Ooooh look I said something bad about the game and the developers. I must not be a fanboy

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