Does anyone else think the spawn system is total garbage?

Ghosts XBOX 360

In personally experience, it is NOT way better than Black Ops 2.  It happens like 50% of the time that I play.  Landing in the middle of a gun fight, I mean literally my teammate to my left and the enemy to right and I died before I realize I re-spawned.  In Black Ops I'd say maybe 1-2 times like every other day.  Which by any means it's still unacceptable but this stuff that's going on in Ghost is laughable and shows the superiority Treyarch has over them.

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Yes they are bad which is unacceptable with maps this big.

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Spawned in 3 times in a row yesterday, on whiteout, where a sniper on that roof they all camp on could see me spawn in and snipe me instantly
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Yes! The spawns are terrible! For
example, this video,
  illustrates how terrible some spawns can be.
Note that the terrific spawns in the video title is highly sarcastic. Are there
any plans in the works to fix the terrible spawns? I know that it’s extremely
difficult to do anything at all in a match, if you are constantly spawning with
people behind you.

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The maps were designed more for 9vs9 like on the xbox one not so much 6vs6... It also cuts down on the spawn trapping so its now more map control.

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finished a match of HC Domination on Overlord where the spawns were too ridiculous. the enemy team had A and B, and a Helo Pilot. so if we died we mostly spawned near C at that point. Once the Helo Pilot made his way over to C, the spawns got way out of hand. He flew just over the small building that overlooks C and 2 of us were spawning just under the construction sight 2nd floor just next to C and he just shot his gun non-stop at 1 spot there where we were both spawning and he didn't have to move. no matter what i did i could only spawn there and right in his fire. that was so fun, thanks IW

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Yeah i just sit at the broken building at the top spawn in stonehaven or on the cliff at the bottom spawn and spawn kill on that map,same as most the other maps.why run around and die when I can sit at one spawn and spawn kill.

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Agreed, awful spawns.

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Yeah the spawns are completely messed up. I have spawned on top of IED explosives, spawned in areas where enemies are watching-basically like a spawn trap. I knew this game was going to suck but I bought it for the four man Survival mode like they had in MW3. but they screwed up survival too. I need to trade it while it is worth something.

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The spawns in this game are a bigger pile of garbage then the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!.

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