Does anyone else think the spawn system is total garbage?

Ghosts XBOX 360

The spawning in this game is terrible, for example on Stonehaven theres a broken building in the back corner of the town, your entire team can be in the town yet the enemy team still spawns there, right behind everyone.  Another one on Stonehaven is the castle, I can literally sit in a corner with amplify on the entire game and just kill enemies as they spawn, no problem.  I've adjusted to some of the spawns for now, always checking the spawn points every time an enemy dies just to be sure.  And if you think spawns are perfect in this game, play free for all.  There will be absolutely no argument once you've played at least 10 games, sometimes I spawn right on top of an enemy in ffa, or spawn and an enemy has literally just spawned in the same spot I did and is less than a foot in front of me, vice versa.  Oh and just to throw another horrible spawn point that was KINDA fixed, on strikezone, when you're in that bar building your entire team can be in there yet an enemy will spawn in the back corner near the booths, like hey this dude needs a break lets spawn him in the same area all the enemies are...

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The game itself is complete garbage, only thing worth playing is Extinction,

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No, one of the best gallp has experienced

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Spawning is utter bullsh*t imo. I once spawned 7 times & didn't even get the chance to move before getting killed. Also camping is at an all time high. This is the reason i wasn't going to buy ghosts but i did anyway & it just confirmed what i originally thought it would be like. I think 1 out of 20 games are good for me.

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Completely agree, the spawn kills are ridiculous, especially with all the camping thats happening

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Hard to believe but after the patchs, they seem to have actually gotten worse!!

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if you think these spawns are okay then i dont know what you think is bad

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I think you guys complaining is bad. IW needs to nerf the whining on these forums it is out of control

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The spawns are absolutely atrocious in this game.  Coupled with terrible maps, excessive debris strewn around everywhere and campers in every corner, and getting spawn killed 5-6 times in one match is not fun.  I have gone back to playing Black Ops 2 which is SUCH are superior game compared to Ghosts.  I just hate playing this game.  What sucks is that I bought one copy of this trash for Xbox one and ps4 -- what a mistake.  I will never buy another IW game again. 

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LOL Blops 2 is the worst COD game in the series. Literally COD4, MW2, MW3, Ghosts, and BLOPs 1 is better.

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