Does anyone else think the spawn system is total garbage?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Ghosts is the worst COD game I have ever played period

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I have to agree with that. This game is much better than BO2. It's just a shame they seem to have kept the same sh*tty spawn system from that game.

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I think the spawn system is the same as the other COD games. I am actually being spawn killed WAY LESS due to the fact that there are no AC130,reaper, chopper gunner streaks. I know there is helo pilot but not many people get them for some reason

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I do! Spawns are way worse then previous cods, but then again the game itself isn't that great.

EDIT: Even when doing good in a game spawn killing is something i cant prevent. Dieing and then getting spawnkilled again is happening alot to me.

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Agree spawning is a problem, nothing worse than being killed within 5 seconds of a death, sometimes back to back to back.  Dev's stop the dynamic spawning and change to spawns in the corner behind your team farthest away from the enemy. However, once the spawns are fixed, I think this is by far my favorite COD.  The maps are great, love that all the R& G are getting killed by snipers / campers. Guns feel good, nothing too crazy OP, lots of individual  setups, controls, KS,  available. I've played many objective games, I feel like the majority of players aren't boosting / camping, most seem to be trying for the objective.  I was in a random room last week, 5 out of 6 had working mics and communicated on Dom. Had a great time.

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Not to beat a dead horse, but I get spawn killed at least once per match if I'm not careful. When I get too much into the flow of the game, I start running around too fast and then I get spawn killed too much. I've been sk'd at least 3 straight times in a match on more than 1 occasion. It's always been an issue, some I'm not sure this will ever be 'fixed'. Just something we have to deal with. The game is still fun enough to play, most of the time.

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its not the spawn system its the party chat cheaters

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