Ghosts XBOX 360

I Have a couple of ideas for new skins,

a robot or steampunk dog

a zombie or skeleton dog to pay homage to the last two CODs

my favorite an alien from Extinction with a hypno knife stuck in its head.

I would pay for these skins please pass around thread and post your own ideas cause I'd like more skins too.

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I like the idea of the Extinction creature with the hypno knife. That I would pay for more than the others.

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I want a killer chihuahua skin.

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i really like the idea of the extinction alien.. I would always tell my friends that I was going to wright to activision and tell them sort of what you said. It's nice to know that someone else thinks like I do xD.

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Why not release like three of those in a dog skin pack? I would buy more micro DLC if Activision packaged the DLC into cheaper packs rather then spending $2 on one skin.

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