Earning Squadpoints?

Ghosts XBOX 360

I am confused on how you may receive squad points. Throughout games I will get squad points from random actions. The more kills I get the more squad points. Also when completing field orders I receive squad points rarely. I know you can complete objectives and rank up to get them... But is there a pattern?

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There is no known pattern other then objectives and field orders and leveling. It seems random in gameplay you will just earn one after a kill .

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There is a pattern for earning squad points:

As you stated you can earn two squad points for completing multiple field orders,

You can earn squad points for ranking up.

Also if you go into operations, you will find missions to complete before the operations expire.

-Each operation is worth a number of squad points.

-Completing multiple operations (up to 5) earns you bonus squad points.

This video should answer any remaining question you might have about earning squad points:

How Earn Squad Points Faster in Call of Duty: Ghosts (COD Get Quick SP Fast Unlock Tips) - YouTube

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2 points for leveling up.

1 for completing a field order.

1 for completing an operation

Bonus squad points when you cycle your operations.

And seemingly random ones mid match for reasons Hog and I've not yet figured out.

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