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I'm really getting tired of seeing "Fetching Online Profile" for about 5 minutes, only for it to throw an error and not let me in. So, I restart my xbox and again, "Fetching Online Profile" then an error. So, again, I restart my xbox, then usually on the 3rd try it finally works. Is there a reason for this? I know it's a very widely spread problem, that apparently is not getting addressed, because it's more important to have yet another Core game mode, as if there isn't enough already. I think it's time to fix problems, rather than wasting time on pointless things...

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I get this a lot, especially on an evening.  I usually just give up after 2 attempts to connect.

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I hate that error. Try clearing cache, but it didn't really help me. It still happens all the damn time. No other game has this kind of demand on servers where it takes this long to connect. Halo 3 used to have 250k online and never had any delay in fetching a profile. I guess it helps with security, but considering the game breaking hacks that are out there I don't really get it. Why do we need to fetch our profile anyway? For example Halo 3 had a ranking system and it never got hacked...ever. So WTF.

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So did you ever think to boot your router ?

Did you every think that your ISP could be having problems ?

Since the release of this game I only had this happen three times.

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I have rebooted all my internet equipment. That is no help.

Considering the wide spread of this problem, I'd say that there's a lot of ISP's having problems, or the ISP is not the problem. The latter is my guess.

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When this happens, you don't need to reboot your xbox. Just hit the B button and select the main menu. Then go back into multiplayer.

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Fair enough, I'll try that next time it happens. Thank you!

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Yeah it's just as annoying as Xbox live in the EU taking ages just to log in.

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I got it to. Nat open is easier. when nat changes to moderate I get it more.

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