Ghosts XBOX 360

So I'm playing hctdm last night , I don't really have a problem with the game as with all the others wait and see what patches they do to fix or make certain things worse. Last night though I finally got spawned right behind 2 of them from the other team. Dropped em both real fast and before I could take a step and laugh about it they spawn one of there's right behind me to return the favor . Can't say how happly I was to be on the good side of it. I just wish I got to enjoy it for more than 2 seconds . For the most part I'm enjoying the game. I'm glad that I have to change play style a bit from each game from mw3 to bo2 to ghost . Keeps it fun and makes me a better well rounded player. Looking foreward to comparing it to Xbox one.

Again as with my other post any misspelled words I blame the spell checker as well as big fingers little keyboard.

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