First DLC releases Jan 28th source Charlie Intel Will you get it based apon current state of Ghosts?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Despite all the factors and currently no dedicated servers First DLC releases Jan 28th source is Charlie intel.

Will you get it?

EDITED**Map Pack namesSmiley Surprisednslaught’, ‘Devastation’, ‘Invasion’, and ‘Nemesis

I am thinking Onslaught is a remake it sounds so familiar? Correct me if I am wrong someone.- Can ignore this as its map pack names thanks to Ollie Dawg and Banned-again

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If at that time the game is still at it's current state, my answer is no.  Too many issues need to be fixed before I sink more money into this game.

If the game is at a more playable state (i.e. cheats fixed, lag is better, better game modes, etc.) then yes.

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yeah the name was an MW2 (probably wrong) map but it was in a previous cod though that doesn't mean its the same but they do seem to like dragging out old maps and then making out that it was hard work as opposed to simply copy paste lol

i'm waiting for the first patches and the dedis to launch.  if the dedis launch and it still lags and plays like dirt then no

if they patch it and the patches make it worse or change nothing, then no

if they do fix it and it becomes fun and playable and good then yes

am i sitting on the fence, yes

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As of right now, if nothing gets I will not be buying any of the map packs, heck I am already back to playing BO2 and zombies. Like the others before me there are just to many issues to be addressed before I am willing to put more money and time into Ghosts. Now if the problems get resolved and game play improves than yes. I think Ghosts can be a fun game but until some of the underlying issues get resolved I personally cannot see throwing more money into this game. I will never pre-order another IW game again. I have pre-orderd the last two IW games and have been disappointed twice...shame on me. There will not be a third time.

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Those are the names of the Map Packs, NOT the actual maps. There's another list floating around with the DLC map names, one of which is Dome.

As far as buying in the current state, the answer is NO unless they make some serious improvements. This would be the first COD that I don't buy the map packs. To be honest I'm not playing Ghosts nearly as much as I have played previous COD's at release as the combination of frustration with the lag (hit detection), and boredom have already set in.

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Thanks to Ollie and Banned again for sharing information about the maps in the actual packs and correcting my misinterpretation.

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ive heard the are doing remakes of dome, scrapyard and plaza if its true that is just poor laziness

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They can't and won't do Plaza as it's a Treyarch map.

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100% No if there are no new respawn, objective gamemodes added (HP, HQ, CTF, Demo, Sabo)

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I agree with everyone based apon the "current state" of Ghosts. If improvements and dedicated servers happens I would happily revisit DLC but until then this will remain a game I play and take 1-2 day breaks from versus the old days of playing every night.

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