First DLC releases Jan 28th source Charlie Intel Will you get it based apon current state of Ghosts?

Ghosts XBOX 360

Nope. Didnt buy any MW3 DLC, was a huge mistake on my part to buy the BO2 season pass, they suckered me in with Revolution, not falling for it again. Not buying any DLC for this patchwork game.

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I'm probably in the minority, but I'm sure I'll end up buying the season pass regardless.  I will have a lot of down time in the next year and, even if they haven't cleaned up some 'issues' by then, at least I can play the maps against the bots.

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No not in its current state. This is coming from someone who always buys all DLC. 3 things need to happen for me to buy.

1) The hacks and hackers need to go

2) Need more objective game modes especially ones like headquarters that require movement around the map with an objective that moves around the map.

3) There needs to be an incentive for people to play the objective. We went back in time with this game not rewarding objective play. Every game mode feels and plays like TDM. I'm very good at TDM but I dont want every game mode to play like it. I'm honestly bored with this game because of this. I play with a party of 6 most of the time which should never be boring but in this game it is.

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Score streaks were by far the best for rewarding players for playing the objective. At least implementing that a flag capture would count as an assist towards a kill streak would encourage players to go to flags to capture them. Far too often I am alone on flags in domination. But I think if people hold out on DLC IW will get the message to work on the important things.

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To be honest, even if the game were flawless in its performance, I don't think I would be getting the DLC. It's a serviceable game but it's lacking in fun for me.

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If there's a new Extinction, definitely @)

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No chance with the game in the current state. Thumbs up for the packs spelling Odin though. I like that.

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Not getting it with the way this game is.

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Sadly, I personally feel there are to many issues with this game that simply cant be patched.

Although i would not mind playing another extinction map, I'll be saving my coin this time around.

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