Freakin CUJO !!!??

Ghosts XBOX 360


Freakin CUJO !!!??

Hey, I dont know about anyone else..but everytime I try to kill one of those mutts I can hit them 20 times and they dont die ..they end up ripping out my neck!! And to top it off my dumb ass dog has his head up my butt most the time where as If I come within a peep who has CUJO watching his back ..the thing is in hunting mode tracking down the big red bullzeye I have on my back...I had one jump a wall and try to climb a ladder trying to get to me while his peep sat back and camped in a corner!!!!???

Is it possible to send CUJO out hunting..or does he just have a mind of his own?

WTF...this game leaves allot to be desired

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