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Ghosts XBOX 360

I got the Call of Duty Ghost prestige edition. And I downloaded the free fall map with all the other download stuff and non of it is showing up and now the map is saying it is disabled. normally I probly wouldn't complain about this but for 200 bucks I'm going to. What can I do about it?

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Don't know what you can do but fyi, I think everyone who bought the game got a code included in the box for free "free fall" download.I purchased Ghost standard edition a few days after release and the code was in my box. So your problem doesn't have anything to do with hardened edition.

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If you've already downloaded it go into your System Settings and delete the content, then go into your Download History and re-download the map.

If that doesn't work, try clearing your cache a few times then reboot your Xbox.

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Hello leprecon,

I see that you are having issues downloading the Free Fall map, can you let us know what console you are on? Where did you attempt to redeem your codes? Also, have you played a few multiplayer matches to see if that syncs your account for the digital content to show up?



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He posted in the 360 forum. I think it's safe to assume he's on the 360.

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