From one extream to the other

Ghosts XBOX 360

From one extream to the other

Do Treyarch and Ifinity Ward honestly make it a priority when designing these game to be the polar opposite to each other ?

In BO2 the maps were to small, camping was kept at a minimum due to their design and you needed half a mag at least to kill a player. Now in Ghosts, the maps are so Huge I can run about and find no one and then when I finally do I get killed and have to once again hunt the other team down and there is no worry about using half a mag to kill someone. I've seen a strong breeze kill someone, as players health's seem so low. As for camping, Christ there are so many corners to hide in it's impossible to cover your rear end. The design of the maps basically encourage campers.

What is wrong with both Treyarch and Ifinity Ward ? Do neither of them have any idea or the ability to make the game balanced and fun.I don't want to have to empty a mag into someone to get a kill and nor do I wish to graze him in the ankle to get a kill either. The same can be said for maps and campers We as paying customers need and deserve a game in the middle of the current BS we keep being served. Maybe use a dictionary and look up the word Balanced, might help. Both companies need their heads bashed together and told to stop being arses and STOP making the game from one extreme to the other. It's becoming very predictable and BORING..........

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