Getting the hint yet Activision???

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Getting the hint yet Activision???

-Multiplayer numbers are horrible.  Don't ever remember this few online this early in any title and I have played all COD titles from release date.

-DLC not in regular rotation three weeks after drop?  WTF over????  Please explain this one.

-Major game play issues to iclude spawns, horrible lag since DLC drop, and matchmaking just to name a few, and yes there are plenty issues outside of these.

-Worst Hardcore mode ever!!!!!!  Stop paying attention to this group and this group will stop paying for your crap.

So many problems and so few fixes?  I have yet to hear of any hot fixes and your updates are like waiting on a winning lottery ticket.

I have had glitches (operations and so on)  that took three weeks to fix with not so much as an apology from your jerkish customer support section.

I have given the game numerous chances and am finding it easier to skip my evening sessions.  I have alot of time played and am Master Prestiege so i'm not just pulling this stuff out of thin air.

I'm not on a quiting your game rant here, COD is the only series I play and i have literally spent thousands of dollars (internet, consoles, controllers, headsets, and so on) and expect a product worthy of what I have invested.

- Please fix your crap and if you have half a brain you will fix it and give people a free DLC to show you actually care if people give this game a second chance.  The DLC won't help me because I purchased season pass but it might bring your numbers back and have your customers feel like you care enough to fix this broken game.

-Lastly it pains me to think of not playing COD but its looking like more of an option with new companies realizing your shortfalls and putting out products that give FPS gamers a viable game.  The Titan Fall Beta is pretty sweet from what I have seen.

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Re: Getting the hint yet Activision???

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Everyone has there opinion.  Titanfall is similar to cod I think to be honest.

some new graphics, new content etc. (From what I've seen).

Everyone hated mw2 cause of noob tubes, everyone hated mw3 cause mp7 and acr was over powered.  Now there on ghosts those two games were a lot better and ghosts is crap.

I think they made a good step doing ghosts. Only thing is the spawn system is shocking. Defiantly worst I've ever seen.

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Re: Getting the hint yet Activision???

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Cant wait for TF to come out and watch everyone complain about the MP. lol

Maybe some are into - Cod + Halo + Mech Warrior type games. Not me though.

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Re: Getting the hint yet Activision???

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I guess they aren't-

Feb 14

ICYMI: was the best selling game in January

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Re: Getting the hint yet Activision???

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YAY!!!!  Just noticed more micro items coming on the 18th of February.  That means we have folks dedicated to getting that input into the game instead of fixing issues with the current state of game.

Hate being negative but how about fetching online profile, freezing at loading screens, unbearable lag, matchmaking, putting DLC in regular rotation?

Before i get fanboy attacked I have contacted support from ISP and Microsoft and I should not have any of these problems according to my connection.  I often have server issues though where I am kicked from games because of losing connection to host.  More often then not I am the host!

Please people demand some fixes before you throw dollars at cosmetic game items.  I know I will be.

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Re: Getting the hint yet Activision???

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Thats just it. Even with all the multiplayer numbers being smaller than past titles, its still a very successful game. Thats what a giant CoD is. Since CoD is the only game you play, I can completely relate to your tunnel vision.

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Re: Getting the hint yet Activision???

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Yeah no crap the online population is going to decline after 15 years of the same game DURR. Add in the fact that there is more consoles to play on and more shooting games than ever before to divide the population. Still PS3 and 360 consistently have over 100k Xbox One and PS4 I am sure at least have 50k so that is 400K+ population. Cod is still the highest selling game.

You complainers are just mad because you are struggling in Ghosts so you try and fine any little problem and exaggerate it times 10. Just face it you are not good at COD. Now go play some titanfall.

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Re: Getting the hint yet Activision???

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If people were smarter with their money, then Call of Duty's decline would be more noticeable than it already is. Infinity Ward has completely destroyed any more hope I had for this franchise with the work they've done on this game so far. There are major game breaking issues that still have not been addressed, and now they're resorting to milking people of their hard earned money. In Black Ops 2, we had a maximum of 10 create a class slots that we could use for a match, and now we're limited to 6 in Ghosts. Now they want to charge us to get the 4 that should have been in the game back? No thank you.

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