Ghosts Mask only for MALES!?

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Hi, I preordered COD Ghosts and got my bonus code for the Ghosts mask, but now it turns out I can only use it on a male character? Haven't I paid just as much as anyone else here? I know I could just be a male character like I've been for the last 4 Call of Duties, but I would be terribly disappointed if COD and Activision advertised the "new" option of being a female, and them give them inferior or less options of customisation.

I really DON'T want to make this about sexism or whatever c*ap, I just want to use the content I paid for and enjoy my game.

And just for the record, I don't like the feminist movement or feminism - never have and never will. I think it's starting to be an excuse to put women first or give them more help/importance instead of promoting actual equality by giving same treatment to everyone.

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So you mean you're mad because, to play as Ghost, a male character in call of duty, you have to be a male?

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No, that is not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is exactly what I wrote in the first message; nothing more, nothing less.

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You didn't get Ghost's mask as a pre-order bonus, you got Ghost himself...................

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The mask itself is an item available to customise your character, whoever you chose (as long as it's a male).

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By the way, this is not about playing as Ghosts, which obviously means you are a man (which I have happily been for 15 years of gaming and have no problem with). This is about having a customisation from him (a mask), which for some reason is denied to female characters.

When I preordered the game I didn't read anywhere that the bonus would only be for male characters.

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Nothing wrong with your position from my standpoint.  But perhaps in this particular case they truly did intend for the character Ghost to be the bonus which would explain why the mask isn't an option for the female soldiers.  Personally I wouldn't have done it that way as it just invites disappointment and frustration but it may be that their intent was pure even if their perspective was lacking.  Are other masks available to the female characters?  I've still got a few hours to wait before I can find out for myself.

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Guys: If you think popping in here and making a sexist comment is funny, then I'm going to ban you outright. Have some class.

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Wow, guys... How about you put your insecurities over your small dicks away for a minute and acknowledge that this girl has a legitimate gripe?

She paid to be able to use the MASK as a customizable feature, but she's unable to equip it to her character, simply because the character is female. She paid the money for the content, she should be able to utilize it on whatever character she wants; Male or Female.

It's answers like the ones you guys are giving that seriously demean the gaming community and make us all look like a bunch of sexist assholes. I'm surprised no one has chimed in with a, "You can play Xbox from the Kitchen?? Hyuck hyuck." joke yet. While we're at it, let me ask you guys another question: How's being single going for you?

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Hello Lotuslady,

Just wanted to let you know that the preorder bonus was for just the character "Ghost" and not any sort of customized mask option. I apologize for any confusion. What I can do none the less is forward up your feedback for more available options to customize female characters.



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