Ghosts...My one massive complaint...

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Ghosts...My one massive complaint...

Hi guys.

    As a super massive power fan of infinity ward may I take a second or two to express my extreme disappointment so far of Ghosts, not for some of the massive, complicated maps, not for the ps2 graphics, not even for the worse and most boring small map ever that is free fall, but for something much simpler and smaller...

      ...The "you killed" player card that pops up just below centre screen when you shoot someone has been removed from the game!! Yes we have a killfeed like we've always had, but its a volley of fast scrolling transparent tiny orange letters that take your attention well away from the crosshairs and get you killed looking at it. Its a really fun Essential feature that comes into its own in private matches when revenge and taunting is top priority..."take that jack, have that frank!"

      The point is made bigger when an IED (I miss clay mores) gets you a kill but you don't even know it because the only time you look over at the killfeed is when you shoot someone! It's all just so disjointed, unflowing, delayed reactions to the actions and tedious...

      I would just like to say however that I love the whiteout and Stonehaven maps, and I love the fact that a lot of maps can be great for assault rifles and sniping. I would also like to thank the devs for including robots in free for all, very appreciated!!!!

      I think this will be the same format now with all iw games so my cod will be every two years now, I'm very sad about that, but you don't have to be a homocide detective to appreciate the small details, they can make or break things, they really can.....

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Re: Ghosts...My one massive complaint...

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My one massive complaint, connection issues yet again.

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