Good Aiming Tips/Sniping/Camping Points

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Good Aiming Tips/Sniping/Camping Points

Hey guys this is my first post. Does anyone have any good tips on improving my aim? I can handle myself, but am always looking to get better. I'm also looking for good choke points and sniping /camping points(its a tactic our military uses too, don't hate). I'd also be happy to help you guys out with anything you need. any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: Good Aiming Tips/Sniping/Camping Points

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To improve your aim turn down sensitivity. Its easier to aim more accurately with a lower sensitivity.

I have an excursive that will greatly increase your accuracy.

Go in a private match, set up several bots on recruit, set the time and score to unlimited, turn health to double

Why double health? This forces you to hit more shots, therefore forcing you to be more accurate. When you go into the private set your main goal to hit very single shot. Once you get the hang out that, begin practicing jump shots and drop shots.

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Re: Good Aiming Tips/Sniping/Camping Points

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I wouldn't recommend camping but I can recommend traffic killing, simply find the flows of traffics and learn the spawns of maps, set up a couple of private matches until you know the map, then move from point to point where the most anticipated traffic will be and make sure you have a line of sight where you can clearly see the area and from that area you can barely be seen. As for sniping it depends, do you want to quickscope or hardscope?

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Re: Good Aiming Tips/Sniping/Camping Points

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Camping is a big part of sniping, especially strategic camping, there are plenty of high traffic areas of each map with great spots for a sniper to lay down cover for teammates or pick off opponents one at a time from.

Focus works well for reducing sway when sniping so try that perk out. Try either the USR or L115 out first they are probably much easier and more consistent.

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