Great game ruined once again

Ghosts XBOX 360

Have you tried Cranked?  If you hate campers, this game-mode tends to cut down on camping and generally be a zerg-fest.  Some people will still try to camp no matter what you do, but for the most part it's a million times better than TDM.

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I'll try it out. thanks for the advice.

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As long as people aren't cheating, boosting, glitching, etc, they will play how they want to play. If you can't, or refuse to adapt to that, play bots all the time or go back to whatever you played before. Don't feed the campers. If I get shot by one camper and don't know a sure way to take him out, he won't get another kill off of me. Simple as that. It's not like this game doesn't have multiple routes around it to avoid getting shot in the same spot again.

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That's just it though. They're not just camping in one spot, they're camping multiple spots with several different lines of sight. Sometimes even in the enemy team's spawn. It's just slightly frustrating is all.

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Lol camping multiple spots doesn't sound much like camping.

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As in their whole team is camping different parts of the map.

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Looks like you didn't adapt very well now did you?

Once you start getting used to the game you can literally predict when the people are going to start spawning behind you like you could with any CoD. Put about a week in and you'll be exploiting campers in no time.

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Very true. The "popular" destinations become VERY obvious and exploitable.

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game play is good..just need few tweeks that's all...fix the spawns nerf a few on then

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quit whining and learn how to play. Use the right perks and overcome.

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