Great game ruined once again

Ghosts XBOX 360

so set up a class with dead silence and blast shield, i get people want to play how they want, but part of fps is also countering others, if you do not want to counter, than yeah return your game

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indeed a lot of campers, but what's new

i'm glad there is no hackers, that ruined MW3 for me

oh wait, only Wii U is hackfree atm

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Dude i had 32 days of game time in MW3. Never saw 1 single hack or 1 person glitching. With the exception of MOAB boosters, i never saw 1 issue in MW3. Maybe it was just me but i think MW 3 was a perfect COD.

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Ok, so perhaps they should do what they have always needed to do and change the way you earn rewards. I'm not being funny but its old news now that by killing people you are awarded a tick towards a KS reward but when you DIE! (DIE being the issue) you reset back to zero.... Naturally you can avoid dying by hiding and being a grass snake.

Perhaps work on a diffrent way to earn KS rewards depending on your class, Snipers earn KS rewards for killing however it won't reset apon death, Run and gun class gets ks rewards depending on distance traveled and kills but will reset apon death.

I think this implement would stop players hiding out of fear of missing out on the big collateral Odin or Loki KS rewards.

Good idea? Bad idea? comment please

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